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Hyperthyroid 25 year old in need of advice!


I'm a 25 year old woman from Scotland and was diagnosed 'borderline hyperthyroid' last April after I'd felt unwell, racing heart, bad skin, exhaustion etc for months. Doctors were very unhelpful, said they'd give me carbimazole and beta blockers which I refused at first and went to see a natural practitioner / herbalist for a different take on it. She advised I give up caffeinated tea, coffee etc for the heart rate which worked and a few other things- iron & magnesium supplements, no processed bread etc.

These things have helped a small bit in parts but are difficult with my lifestyle- I'm a full time musician and life on your means I can't be fussy when it comes to food sometimes!

The last few months the Ive been feeling really unwell, exhausted, bad skin, racing heart etc and the doctor still says I'm 'borderline hyperthyroid' but I feel much more than that! My doctor said that the drugs are harsh and isn't keen on giving me those. He asked if I was planning on having children at any point and that yhry are not good for that. I have an appointment tomorrow with the endo to discuss options but there's talk of an op and radio iodine and I just wonder based on my description and my bloods (below) what more experienced people think might be a good option for me?

Another thing o should add, I havent lost any weight... I've put on a bit!

I've attached my blood and i'd be so grateful for an explanation as to what my levels mean and how to treat them from people not so new to this as me!

Thank you in advance!

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I'm always very, very wary of a diagnosis of 'subclinical' hyperthyroidism, because I don't think doctors have the knowledge to diagnose it, if it got up and bit them. Most people with such a diagnosis end up having Hashi's, and being at the tail-end of an antibody attack. And, sure enough, you have antibodies for Hashi's. So, your high hormone levels - which really aren't as high as all that! - are only temporary. Therefore, I agree with your doctor, at this point, it's not a good idea to take anti-thyroid drugs. Wait and see is a good policy at the moment.

Is this the first time you've had your thyroid tested? If you have other tests, can you post them, please, with ranges and dates? And let's see what's really going on. But, as I see it, there's absolutely no need to have your thyroid removed!

I understand you feel awful, antibodies can make you feel like that. But, to be honest, your FT4 and FT3 are not high enough to be entirely responsible for the way you feel. Yes, your TSH is low, but that doesn't make you feel anything. What you have happened is that you've been hypo for a while, which hasn't been bad enough to be picked up on, but bad enough to make you ill. Which is why I'd like to see any other blood tests you've had. And, you could also be low in several nutrients, which won't help. Did your 'natural practitioner' test your iron/ferritin before telling you to take it? Perhaps it's time for a retest? What are you taking, exactly, and how much?

It would also be a very good idea to get your vit D, vit B12 and folate tested. And to start taking some selenium.

Sorry about all the questions, but to be honest, I would not trust a herbalist with my thyroid! :(


Hi, I've had fibro osteoarthritis for 20 or so years and now silent reflux, IBS last year I had a heart monitor on because my heart races and I've felt really ill, doctor just keeps giving me tablets for all kinds, went to dentist for check up and found it had lichen planus, long story but today I'm at the hospital for patch tests for dental materials when I looked it up mercury can cause all the problems I'm having some definitely having my amalgams removed, if you have any silver fillings it's worth checking out, although they won't admit that's the cause, look up about amalgams and mercury poisoning, hope this helps sweetheart and hope you get some answers soon xxx


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