Silly Friday

Silly Friday

Well here we are again another week gone. I hope your progress through the week was positive and in the right direction.

In case you've missed my little attempt to bring a smile heres last weeks thread with lots of great laughs all the way through.😀

I think its worth puling out 2 posts as they really were classics. Firstly from alangardner

hi there kitti, have you heard the latest on the nhs hacking ?..... they have discovered that the reason that it hasn't affected any doctors is that the virus cannot get past the receptionist !!!!!......may raise a smile or grin [ ironically ] .....alan x

Which got a massive 32 likes : ) Lots of Smiles !

And my personal favourite from cobbyp

The Seven Dwarfs of thyroidism: Itchy, Sleepy, Baldy, Sweaty, Pudgy, Forgetful, and Cranky

Although my OH has started calling me the thyroid dwarf now !

The posts at one point went in an interesting direction discussing karma and nice things happening. which got me thinking for this weeks theme.

Perhaps rather than laughing at our own failings I thought it might be nice to share some heart warming moments.

As a childless women I find children a bit of an alien species and never know what to say to them. A local little girl has recently seemed to have taken a liking to me and loves coming over for a chat when I'm at the front. She's 7 I think and very sweet. But she really took me by surprise the other day when after chatting for a few minutes I said I better go and she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. It was lovely and made me smile for the rest of the day with a glow in my heart.

Something else that always makes me smile is my cat Belle ( pic above ). She often comes with me when I walk the dogs. when we are the grass and I bend down to stroke her she does a forward roll ending on her back waiting for her tummy to be tickled. Watching a cat do a forward role is enough to raise a smile on even the gloomiest of days.

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  • Handsome cat, Kitti! :)

  • Hey Kitti

    Looking at beautiful Belle did this to me -

    There are some laughs to be had for anyone who remembers the 80s in a BBC2 sitcom called White Gold - now available on iPlayer. It has reminded me of the brick mobile phone, big hair tied back with a bow and Filofax I sported and my fave chastisement, 'You bell*nd' I ladled this out to all the shiny suited men I worked with at the time. My boss had what was called a 'power pony' (hair in a short bunch at back of head - not a Ferrari; that came in the 90s, the kn*b) and he was the biggest bell*nd of all. Nostalgia for the 80s is just so wrong, innit tho :D

  • There is nothing wrong in the slightest with nostalgia for the 80's 👍The most prominent memory that first comes to mind is dancing at 'kiddie' discos aged 13/14 in a short white ra-ra skirt and red fake snake skin stiletoes ( think the shoes might have come later ) to Grand Master Flash & Melly Mel - 'White Lines' 😮 Oh hell n I thought I was fat at 8 & 1/2 stone 😢 Take me back Now 😂

  • I'll look up White Gold 👍

  • Lovely post, Kitti. Very day-making :-)

  • Come on steviecat any smile worthy stories ?

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