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Idio guide needed for levo symptom pls


I'm going to doctors tomorrow to explain the reaction I've had from levo, from day one I've had cough and phlegm, I've had it two weeks, and I want to sound at least knowledgable about the histamine whatever, that is causing it? Please may I have an idioguide?

I phoned and asked for n d t. Earlier, The doctor sent message that another tablet wouldn't help me, and to stop levo if I want to, She is now off for two weeks so seeing another doc in the morning

Tsh 5.5

Free thyroxine 17.67. Range 12 - 22

Total thyroxine 102. Range 59 - 154

Free t3. 4.03. Range 3.10 - 6.80

Any thoughts please? I know you will say I'm hypo, I have no moons on fingers and mucin top of arms, little va va vroom energy!

My son in Thailand in holiday, may ask for thyroid s if no joy tomorrow, To me, and a very helpful member, it's the conversion rather than the quantities

I'm healing gut st present, don't know what to do, indecision being a big symptom


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NDT isn't licensed for UK use so it is unlikely your NHS GP will prescribe it. Most members using NDT have a private prescription or buy online and self medicate.

You could try an alternative Levothyroxine make to see whether the cough and phlegm improve if you are certain that you do not have a throat or chest infection causing them. There are 4 generic makes available in the UK which I've listed below. Ask your pharmacist to dispense a different brand when you get your next Levothyroxine prescription dispensed.

Mercury Pharma 25, 50 & 100mcg

Actavis (also known as Almus) 50 & 100mcg

Wockhardt 25mcg

Teva 12.5, 25, 50, 75, 100mcg


Thankyou for reply

This is wockhardt, thinking there may be histamine involved ? I don't feel I can carry on with this symptom, no it's not a chest infection I'm sure and it would have cleared up, is this a comment you have come across please?

I thought I'd read some were fortunate to get n d t in uk, I must be mistaken then, would you think I'd benefit from taking t3 pls?



Two weeks is no time at all to have a throat or chest infection which can take weeks to clear. If you think the symptom is due to Wockhardt then you should try one of the other makes.

NDT is sometimes prescribed on the NHS but it is very rare.


take your point but knowing my body it isn't infection, fortunately only had one in my entire life and it wasnt like this and clear not infected,

Thanks for info, do you think I may be better off taking t3 please


This is a list of symptoms which you can tick off and show to GP.

NDT contains all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce, T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.




If you've only been taking Levothyroxine 2 weeks it is far too soon to tell. If TSH is low, FT4 high in range and FT3 low in range then adding T3 to Levothyroxine can be beneficial.


Many many thanks


....is LOW tsh a higher number? (Sorry)


Low is UNDER the bottom of the range. High is OVER the top of the range. :)


Thankyou 🤒 If only had a brain!! (Today )


Ok. Iv slept on this

Please can someone explain to me why I need to take levo as my t4 is pretty good already,?

It is my ft3 that is NOT and I know for a fact I've got leaky gut therefore not absorbing nutrients enough (bloods show low b12 and D). So therefore I am Not able to convert I get this, So hoping that improves,

What I don't understand as said , is why I should take levo, ? it's the t3 that will help my symptoms surely,? and make me feel human again 😱


I had cough and phlegm with levo,amongst lots of other things,I have swapped to T3, definitely feeling better but too soon to alleviate all symptoms only been 10 days!


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