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Understanding 1 day Progesterone/Oestradiol results

Understanding 1 day Progesterone/Oestradiol results


Does anybody know how to read these results? I will send them onto Dr P, but I am hoping for a heads up. It's a saliva test, taken on Day 21 after period. All phases except 2 are high. Not sure what it means, but hope it explains complete insomnia, irritability.

I am on 25mcg Levo whilst I am taking some adrenal support and hoping to move across to NDT after a couple of weeks.

Thanks for any information at all, really, really appreciated.


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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.



Your test results show a Pg/E2 ratio which is handy. Was this through Genova? Also saliva testing is meant to be more reliable than blood.

Your Pg/E2 appears to be within range which is good but there again maybe it matters where you are in the range. You may just have to wait and see what Dr P says. It's not easy to interpret this yourself and I don't think many people here do.

I did some blood tests back in April 2017 on day 21 of my cycle through Medichecks. I think you mean 21 days into your cycle and not 21 days after the end of your period? This is the day when your hormones are at their high level.

Testosterone 0.535 nmol/L (0.00 - 1.80)

FSH 5.3 IU/L Luteal (1.7 -5.7)

17-Beta Oestradiol 666.9 pmol/L Luteal (122 - 1094)

Progesterone 39.1 nmol/L Luteal (5.3 - 86.0)

For day 21 Progesterone > 30 nmol/L usually indicates ovulation has occurred.


I've been trying to work out if I'm oestrogen dominant as I'm suspecting this but I've not had much luck myself.

I also think I don't have enough Progesterone in comparison to Oestrogen. I've yet to go and see my functional doctor to confirm. Sorry if this isn't much help.


Thanks for replying. Yes you're right should read 21 day of cycle. I spoke to Dr P. he said don't worry...but I have to send results to him for him to look at. I will post again once I have his comments. Sorry I haven't much if a clue how this works so can't respond on your results. I'm also looking for a fuctional doctor who's local.

Thanks again...

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