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Understanding results

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Hi everyone

Ive just joined and its really imformative reading your posts im struggling a bit to be honest understanding my results

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid many years ago infact can remember when and because its always been in the parameters they say it fine but i can honestly say ive never ever felt fine !!!

In 2014

Reaults were :

TSH 0.82

ANTI-TPO 949.00 H


FT4 18.0

VIT D <20.0L


B12 240

Can anyone help they gave me vitD over past 2 years feel no better worse if anything will all the symptoms

Thank you

15 Replies
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What sort of vit d did they give you? And how much? Doesn't seem to have made much impression, does it.

How about your B12? Did they say that was fine? Because it's far from fine - in fact, it's dangerously low, and is probably causing a whole heap of symptoms.

If I were you, I would supplement with 5000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily. At the same time, take a b complex, with methylfolate, and that will bring your folate up, because that is very low, too. Optimal for B12 is 1000, so you have quite a way to go.

Your ferritin is much too low, too, and will doubtless be having an effect on your thyroid health. You need to supplement that, plus 1000 mg vit C to help absorption.

Your TSH and FT4 look ok, even without the ranges (please post ranges, in future :) ) but you have high antibodies, which means you have Hashi's, and that in itself will mean you feel bad. Have you tried a gluten-free diet, to bring the antibodies down? Taking selenium can also help.

However, the one number that is missing, is the most important number : the FT3. That could be low, and would mean you are hypo, despite the TSH and the FT4. The NHS is very reluctant to test that, so most people get it tested privately.

So, in conclusion, I would say, no, you are not fine! But I wouldn't expect any doctor to know anything about all that. :(

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Wacko13 in reply to greygoose

Ah thank you for replying much appreciated i just ordered the thyroid testing from blue horizon i cant seem to locate recent test results so im hoping to get a proper work up very soon, am i best off doing nothing until the results are in ? I want to try gluten free piling on weight cant sleep no energy what so ever having problems over heating at min 😥

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greygoose in reply to Wacko13

Depends what you've had tested, and what you plan on doing. But, judging by those results above, you need to supplement your nutritional deficiencies as soon as possible.

You didn't answer my question about the vit D.

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Wacko13 in reply to greygoose

Cholecalciferol several thousand units for a couple of weeks then they lowered the dose

2014 results with values

Ferritin 38 (10-204)

Tsh 0.82 (0.35-4.94)

Ft4 18.0 (9.0-19.0)

Anti-tpo 949.00 (<5.61)

250HVITD <20.0L (>75)

B12 240 (187-883)

Folic acid 3.2 (3.1-20.5)

Sorry not explaining myself very well have 150mcg levo thyroxine daily and the dose has never changed in 15years maybe more seen endo when my anti tpo was < 1000.00 but he never changed anything saying it was fine sorry even got brain fog trying to type this 😶

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greygoose in reply to Wacko13

OK, so those labs are two years old! It's certainly about time you had some new ones!

No, there is no treatment for Hashi's, just as I explained above. But an endo wouldn't know anything about that.

So, you're still taking vit D, ok, are you having that tested now? Just post the results when you get them, it really isn't very helpful to post two year-old labs. lol

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Wacko13 in reply to greygoose


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Wacko13 in reply to Wacko13

Will post new results as soon as complete thank you

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greygoose in reply to Wacko13

You're welcome. :)

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Wacko13 in reply to greygoose

Please could you have a look at my labs on screen under "the results are in"

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Wacko13 Well, you're certainly struggling a bit there. We really need ranges for all tests, as they vary from lab to lab, but going by averages it's possible to make some comments.

Firstly, your thyroid results look fine but do please let us know the reference ranges, just to confirm.

Vitamins and minerals are a different kettle of fish. When hypo it's always advised for them to be tested and any deficiencies supplemented and for them all to be at optimal levels.

Vit D is woefully low, probably in either the deficient or severely deficient category when that test was done. What supplement dose were you given? It's usually better to source our own as GP prescribed Vit D tends to be too low. Are you still supplementing now? Have you had the test repeated? If not, ask your GP to retest. If he wont do it then you can get it done very easily by fingerprick blood spot test done at home through City Assays for £28. See here and scroll down for City Assays link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin... When taking Vit D you should also take K2. Vit D aids absorption of calcium, K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues.

B12 is dire. Did your GP say anything about it? You need to supplement urgently. Get some Jarrows or Solgar sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg. You need to get that up to the level recommended by the Pernicious Anaemia Society, which is 1000. Once optimal you can go onto a maintenance dose of 1000mcg. When taking B12, you should also take a B Comples to balance all the B vits.

Ferritin looks to be low, but without the range it's not certain. It's usually recommended that ferritin should be at least half way through the range.

Folate (Folic) - no idea without a range but that would be taken care of by the B Complex as long as it contains methylfolate.

And the one that really screams out is TPO antibodies at 949. You have autoimmune thyroiditis aka Hashimoto's disease. Hashimoto's isn't treated, it's the resulting hypothyroidism that's treated. The antibody attacks will eventually destroy your thyroid and you will develop full blown hypothyroidism. With Hashi's, symptoms and results will fluctuate as and when antibodies attack. To reduce the attacks you need to be completely 100% gluten free. Gluten contains gliadin (a protein) which is thought to trigger autoimmune attacks so eliminating gluten can help reduce these attacks. Supplementing with selenium is also supposed to help reduce the attacks.

Some reading about Hashi's:





Learn all you can, you're going to need the knowledge.

Dr Toft (ex president of British Thyroid Association and leading endocrinologist) wrote an article in Pulse Online magazine which says that if antibodies present then patients should be prescribed levothyroxine to nip things in the bud. Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk and ask for a copy which you can then show to your doctor.

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Wacko13 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you looks like i have plenty of reading to do 😊

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Hi can you post the ranges of these results. It does look like they are low but as lab ranges differ from lab to lab I can't be definitive. As they were done 2 years ago you need to get tested now so you know where you stand. You really need to get your t3 tested too as that is the thyroid hormone your cells need. With such a high anti tpo you have hashimotos, did you know? Doctors don't treat you any differently but a gluten free diet has helped many to reduce the flare ups.

A b12 of less than 500 is definitely low, it's best to be around 1000! Your gp clearly isn't interested, and you may have to do what many of us have done and have private tests done. Many of us use blue horizon medical which you can find on the testing menu from thyroiduk.org I don't know if you can still get that discount but it is a good way to have a full thyroid test. The thyroid plus 11 I think it's called. If you do that, post the results here for members to advise you.

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Wacko13 in reply to LtAngua52

Just ordered the thyroid 11 thank you

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When doing your Blue horizon test - aim to do early in morning (before 9am). Don't take your thyroxine in the 24hours beforehand. Take it immediately after doing blood test. Also no food or drink (other than water) before blood test.

Generally when taking thyroxine, this should always should be on empty stomach and no food or drink (other than water) for at least an hour after.

Many take on waking, others (myself included) find bedtime easier and can give more effective result. Trial and error to see what suits you best.


No other medication at same time as thyroxine. Iron, calcium and magnesium must be at least four hours away.

Going gluten free....you may be astonished at the improvement ......I certainly have been. It is much easier to do than you might imagine, but it does have to be 100% absolute (no cheating!) Lots of gluten free alternatives available.

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Wacko13 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you for the advice much appreciated

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