Just been prescribed Nitrofurantoin for Urine Infection. Is this compatible with Levo. Don't feel as though I have an infection, but since I spoke to GP this morning I have what could possible be tonsillitis coming. Have not had this for 40 years. Don't know whether this is a Quinolone, Sulphonamide or Micin, which I know we shouldn't have. I would welcome some advice please.

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Nitrofurantoin is fine with T4. My wife has had two courses without problems and she's on 150 T4.

Many thanks diogenes . I had Trimethoprim in 2007 and was in a terrible state. According to one Doctor they had 'knocked my adrenals out'. A course of Nutri Adrenal helped, but it took a while.

You can read contraindications on the NICE website. See the link below. I just noticed caution if you have low folate or B vitamins.

Thank you for posting this Nanaedake. I am so wary of antibiotics now, and would prefer to stick to Amoxicillin wherever possible. I have taken Keflex successfully since 2007. Folate and B vits are both over half way. B12 is almost 900. Folate is about 3/4 of the way.

Big hugs mate x

Hi scorpiojo thanks for the hugs. The Pharmacy meeting was ony telling us what they actually did (anything?) and not the same as the last meeting three years ago. Not much use really. Just them blowing their own trumpet. Have Tonsillitis as well today so am now on Amoxicillin.

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