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has anyone had/got them

im wondering about the pain

ive had no pain except a fwe times ive had terrible stomach cramps, the only way i can describe them is like contractions or severe trapped wind

i didnt mention to dr when she asked as i didnt think anything of it until last night when it came back

when she asked about pain i assumed she meant constant pain

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You need to ask your GP for an ultrasound scan. I had those symptoms. Apparently fibroids have their own blood supply and nerve endings and sometimes form on a small stalk which can twist cutting off the supply of blood to the fibroid causing pain. Look up pedunculated fibroids. In my case, and I don't want to scare you, I actually had a twisted fallopian tube and the pain was just as you describe but worse. It could be either I guess but worth asking for a scan.

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had a scan friday and it showed 2 fibroids non cancerous


My pain was random, I would be fine for days but if it twisted I would get the pain. I had to keep strong painkillers with me till surgery but my symptoms as you described were the same for pedunculated fibroids which was the original diagnosis. Glad they are benign! Relief ☺️


My sister in law had fibroid size of an orange and no pain except during periods. All doctors were shocked about that she did not have any pain as she is working at snow mobile safaris during the winter and it's very pumpy!

Her fibroid was sort of leaning towards spine , that's why it didn't cause that much pain, just pressure.


Mine used to wake me at 3am during my period for about 3 years. The pain was intense such that my husband caught me banging my head on the headboard and the only thing that eased it was to lower my head whilst kneeling on all 4s, i.e. Bum in the air. This must relate to gravity and a mechanical change in the position as described above. GP did nothing, I repeat nothing. It used to take me over and hour to stop moaning with pain and try to get back to sleep. My GP at the time had a lot to answer for and that was before they decided I had CFS and choose to ignore me completely. I think that we all need to keep making appointments until they finally decide to hear us.


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