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Embracing the silver!!

Adding to the Friday madness!

Since having RAI and losing half the thickness of my hair I decided to no longer dye it bright red but to leave it alone. Give it a chance to grow on it own.

So a year on the front has come through silver and the rest is now brown!!! I started off naturally blonde!!!

Embracing the silver !!! I thought I give it a lift and bought Colour Vibe in silver!!

Shampoo in the shower it said! It looked like I'd murdered a Cornish Pixie in the bath tub and I looked like a wet Smurf! It did nothing for my hair tho!

My conclusion to this, ladies embrace what you got and bugger what you can't change!!!!

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As long as you begin to feel well with no clinical symptoms. You'll have energy to do what you want. I hope they have added T3 to your T4 seeing you have ha RAI.

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Oh Shaws, how I wish they had!!!

Have just been increased to 175mcg of levo as levels stick up doodahs creak without a paddle.

My T3 is at 3.6 so doing naff all.

But I'm bring all my vits etc up to optimum and going for re tests in 8 weeks.

I think my gp knows now that I mean business and thanks to the wonderful people on here I know more than the gp!!!

Battle will continue in 8 weeks time!!!


I wholeheartedly endorse this! I've been saying 'embrace the grey and wear earrings' for a long time.

I just wish my hair would stay the same colour long enough for me to embrace it! On my daughter's wedding day, in 2003, I think, everyone was admiring my beautifully coiffed silver hair - most of all me! But, it didn't stay that colour. It went a dirty grey. Then, brown bits started creeping in, here and there. Then back to the grey. In 2014, I lost the lot! It all just came away one day, in the shower. I had handfuls of the stuff! Took a long time to cover my scalp, again, and it's still not very thick on top. And, you know what? Sitting here, in front of my computer, I couldn't tell you what colour it is! I'd have to look in the mirror. But, I don't care what colour it is, as long as it's there! :D


My daughter stopped dying hers for some bonkers reason and she said it was so much better. I just ignored her.

But after half of mine fell out I thought best leave it and to my surprise the new natural hair is so so nice and soft!!

I totally agree Greygoose. As long as it stays on my head, it can be whatever colour it wishes

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Oh Snoddy, sorry to hear that, but love your way with words! I haven't yet dared to stop the hair dye so haven't a clue what colour I am now - used to be good old English Mouse. What I can see when the roots are showing it still looks the same. I will stay well clear of Colour Vibe in the future!


Snoddyoddbod 😂 that just made my laugh soo much the other half was in the shower and shouted what are you laughing at 😂 !

I agree BootsOn an excellent way with words 👍

I've been so lethargic lately the hair dye has been sat in the bathroom for months. I've got the grey brown at the front and the dull flat brown being rapidly infiltrated by the grey at the back. Are sod it ! At least I've got bright pink toe nails. My minimal gesture towards glam. Can still just about reach them 👍


Hi kitti

Leave the dye on the shelf!!!

I've only got about two inches left of dyed hair at the ends, can't wait to be shot of it now. My natural hair is so soft and feel so nice It's can be what ever colour it likes.

It's not until you grow out the dye that you notice how much damage dye does !

I use silver boost shampoo now. Pro-voke touch of silver shampoo and conditioner is the best. It enhance the grey, silver of white in your hair!!

Pretty toe nails are a must. I did however find a trick to clean the varnish off! Have you seen the nail varnish remover that comes in a tub with a sponge inside? You stick your finger in the sponge and twist the pot. Well......... works great on toes too!!! Definitely less stressful on your middle. As it quick you don't need to be squished in half for too long!!

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My hair is slowly going grey, but I also have a small white streak at the front - same as my mum had before she went totally grey, and now at 94yrs a lovely white. I've read somewhere it is a hypo streak?

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Ooohhh never heard of that. I like it tho. The bits that frame me face are silver but I do have a stripe about an inch wide on the side hidden under the top layer that's white!!

Hypo streak could be a thing!


I have just read a short note (in What Doctors don't Tell You I think) that dying your hair increases your chances of breast cancer by 25% or so. Also given all the nasty chemicals in

a lot of hair and nail products I decided to stay clear of them and feel much better for it. Natural is beautiful and definitely more healthy 8-)


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