Advice re: Colloidal Silver supplement to fight infections?

Hi, has anyone tried taking a natural remedy 'Colloidal Silver' - it's claimed to be anti-bacterial / anti-viral / infections - as it's classed as a natural 'antibiotic' which apparently is supposed to be better for you than antibiotics, as it kills off the 'bad bacteria' only, without killing off the 'good bacteria' (as antibiotics do so)?

Any advice on whether it was helpful or not, will be appreciated.

Thanks, Debbie

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Hi Sister, I followed a doctor's blog and some people made their own colloidal silver (fairly simple) and swear by it. Used it on their animals as well. The doctor, though, still mentioned it was a heavy metal and could be toxic eventually. I also think it kills everything, not just bad bacteria. I do have a bottle of it myself for external use but did take it once.

Thanks for the info. Heloise!

I'll have to do some more research before I consider taking the Colloidal Silver, to check it's safety.

Have you tried taking good doses of VitD ? It will of course take time to benefit your systems.... It is anti-inflammatory and a steroidal pre-hormone. It works with the immune system and in every cell of your body.... worth a try. Perhaps you are already taking it....

Have tried one bottle of Colloidal Silver - perhaps that was not enough :-)

Hiya, Yes, I'm now taking 2000mcg VitD3 daily, which has raised my low levels, and I have seen some improvement over the past year - as I didn't catch the cold virus which was going round my family recently, so I think Vit D3 is helping! :-)

Thanks! :-)

Be careful not to overdo it!

Ooh, it doesn't look too good having Silver-blue coloured skin after taking too much Colloidal silver, does it? (It may be ok just in small, short-term doses, I suppose).

Thanks for the info.

I've used colloidal silver for infections - thorns in hands, sore throat etc for years. Seems to work. It's not a great idea to take it constantly - there's a slim chance you can go grey-blue (really) - plus things tend to get less effective if you take the all the time.

Thanks for the information! Much appreciated!

there's a fair amount of good information available..... but as with most things not all products are the same so research various brands carefully. There are various types of silver as well.....colloidal, meso, oxy need to get lots of info first before you take anything.

Thanks for your comments! yes, I think i'll do some thorough research first! Kind Regards, Debbie

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