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Severe back pain

Hi, am currently on 5mg Carbimazole as cannot tolerate any higher. For the past 5 days I have debilitating back pain with nausea. Was so bad went to A/E where I was given oramorph and sent home with 'muscle strain'. When I first started carb 20 mg I had thigh pain which subsided on lower dose and this back pain is the same sort of pain. I am in trouble managing this pain, can't leave the house as truly cannot walk. Any advice as to how convince doctors this is NOT muscle strain ???

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I suffer a lot of pain in all my joints and back. I've learnt to tolerate it.

What I hate is the nausea!! Try going lactose free specially in the milk department. I have found it helps a lot. And ginger! Ginger biscuits seem to settle sicky tummies.

Try anything that help however weird it may be

Good luck


Hi, just wondered if you have had any issue with your gall bladder, does the pain come and go, is it worse after eating. I have gallbladder pain in the centre of upper abdomen and it generates through to my back the pain is horrendous, I feel nausea and sweating but clammy at the same time. I tend to keep still and sip camomile tea or ginger boiled water. The pain eventually goes away. I have gallstones but the bladder isn't currently inflamed but the stones move about and after food can sometimes cause the pain. Must have a very low fat diet. It may be worth asking for an ultrasound.


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