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doctor for hypo child

Does anyone know of a doctor who might be willing to treat my child for hypothyroidism. His temp is low, he is tired all the time, he suddenly and I think over night put on loads of weight. His calories have reduced now that he is homeschooled and he has been doing a lot more exercise but has gained furthur. He has TSh of 2 and low in range t 4, not ablt to get t 3 done.Also so constipated. Blood tests similar to mine and I cannot maintain a standing position with TSh of 2. I am wondering if there are any doctors, or anyone his peadiatrician might respect who can either treat or write a supporting letter to help build a case toward having him treated.

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I am sorry you've had no response yet. If you email who has a list of Endocrinologists. I'm not sure if she has one who also deals with children.

Maybe your son has thyroid antibodies which will be attacking his gland. Hashimoto's is the commonest form of hypothyrodism.


Dear Shaws,

Thank you. I don't think I am going to find one but I think there might be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and I think I was really badly let down by an endo. And I dont think I am going to find anyone to diagnose my child as hypo thyroid but I am beginning to realise that both our symptoms are probably pituitary and I think a bit unusual. I am going to be poking around internet, tonight looking for some kind of central hypothyroidism with hereditary traits and contacting people who might know about such things. I am hoping that whatever it is will show up on mri brain scan which I will probably have soon. And I might just try and find a decent endo who wont have to upset GMC to diagnose because he or she will be competent enough to recognise whats happening to us both as unusual but not controversial..


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