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1st bloods to be drawn Tomorrow


Hi all.got the gps 1st set of bloods tomorrow to see how things are going. Ok just to make sure i do it right ?? Im doing bloods tomorrow at 9am....so fast for 12 hours? And dont take levi to after bloods??

This is for the gp but i have ordered a medicheck screening which i will do under the same conditions and time as the gp blood check... Any tips anyone??? Thank you..

Im feeling better in the mornings but not super .... but seem to go down hill from 4pm and can come over rough or fall kip very easily.but a couple of times ive lasted all day and night feeling ok....i take 50mcg levo about 4am when i go to loo..been in taken levo for 3weeks now.... And eat at 7.15am

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You don't have to fast for 12 hours exactly. You can eat your evening meal/supper as normal, just make sure you delay breakfast until after the blood draw and don't drink coffee, tea, etc, just water beforehand.

There should be 24 hours between last dose of Levo and blood draw. Any longer and FT4 will show a false low but it wont affect TSH.

Is your Medichecks test a fingerprick one? If so then make sure you drink plenty of water the day before so that you are well hydrated. Some people like to have a shower before the fingerprick test, or run up and down the stairs, as I can't run up and down the stairs I do a good few "windmills" with my arm before I prick my finger. Have a bowl of hot water ready, swish your hand around in it, not just warm but hot water. Your hand needs to go red. Make sure your arm is straight so that gravity helps the blood drip into the microtainer. I have a low shelf in my bathroom which I put the microtainer on so my arm is pretty straight. Otherwise, I'd stand on a small step stool so that I'm at the right height if it was the kitchen worktop, for example. I always prick my middle finger, on the side and nearest the nail bed rather than the tip. If it stops flowing I swish my hand in the hot water again. If that doesn't get it flowing again then I'll prick my ring finger.

Make sure that you've read the Medichecks instructions a couple of times before doing the test so you know exactly what you're doing. Here's their video, it's slightly out of date (there are no longer those stick dots to put the microtainer on, there's a holding slight in the plastic side of the protective packaging) but you'll get the general idea.


Thanks so much Susie thats fantastic... So i wont take any levo now unto after the bloods tomorrow Morning.it will be slightly over 24 hours though as i took levo at 4am this morning.... Thank you forall the info and about the finger prick bit 😀😀😀 medicheck was really helpful aswell on the phone.i was impressed..

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It's just dawned on me, tomorrow is Saturday. You can't do your Medichecks test on a Saturday. It has to be posted the same day as doing the test and it needs to arrive at the lab the next day. If you do your Medichecks tomorrow, it will be hanging around over the weekend and may be delayed by the Christmas post with the possibility the sample will spoil.

The best thing you can do is do your Medichecks test on Monday morning, then make sure you get it in Monday's post and use Royal Mail's Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm. Ensure you get the receipt with the tracking number. Check on Tuesday that it did, in fact, arrive at the lab by 1pm. If it didn't then you can claim the fee back (it should be £6.50).

So after your GP test tomorrow, take your Levo, take Sunday's Levo a bit later than normal to get closer to the 24 hour gap, and do your Medichecks as early as possible on Monday (no later than 9am).

From Medichecks Ts and Cs:

7. You must send samples collected in accordance with clauses 8.3 and 8.4 above to the laboratory using the pre-paid envelope provided on the day the sample was taken to ensure that it arrives at the laboratory the following day. Failure to do so may lead to deterioration of your sample which could affect the accuracy of your test results. We do not accept responsibility for results that are compromised due to delays in returning samples or where samples are lost in the post. If you are concerned that your usual postal service will not result in next day delivery, we recommend that you return your sample using a guaranteed next-day service. This will be at your cost.

Thats right im going to do the gp bloods tomorrow at the local hospital..then when the medichecks turns up . hopefully tomorrow i will do that one on Monday morning ...

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Spotydave

Ah, OK. I misunderstood, I thought you were doing the Medichecks one the same morning. I should read things properly :D

I still really appreciate your help Susie...thank you so much I would like to do them both at the same.time.but it just cant happen due to my work.. so i will make.it as identical as possible...

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