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Anyone else?

So I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid not long after having my daughter four years ago. I went for a check up shortly after the birth and was referred to an endocronologist who diagnosed my thyroid problem. I always go for blood tests when needed which always come back ok, however I still remained tired. Recently I was diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome. Anyone else have this too?

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Hiya Kentishbird

Apologies don't know much about gilberts - had a quick google and said often alongside stomach issues? Do you have issues with this area?

In regards to the tiredness, what GPs say is normal is often not the case so worth getting your results and posting on here for advice. It is also advisable to get your T3 levels tested but you are unlikely to get this done by GP.

Also as usual, need to get your Vit B12, iron (ferritin), Vit D and folate tested as hypos are often deficient in these. Again post results on here. If your GP refuses to test, you can pay for your own. There affordable and well worth doing :-)


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