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Hello I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism an I've been going threw so much for as excessive sweating, anxiety, irritability, depression, mood swings, all the above tingling in my hands an feet numbness in my big toe I could go on heart rate fast ,heart palpitations I got an appointment to go to the endocrinology an diabetes clinic someone please can anybody can relate

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I am hypothyroid but those who have hyperthyroidism will respond when they read your post. It must be quite scary with hyper especially if you don't know quite what is going on. I am assuming your have been given medication to reduce the activity?


Have you been put on any medication? Carbimazole and beta blockers are usually prescribed to stop the thyroid producing so much T4.

If your heart is racing and you have arrhythmias the GP should be putting you on one or both of the above.

Your antibodies should have been tested to see if it is Graves' disease, which GP's don't have the experience to treat.

Am important tip, always get copies of all your test results, they will be very useful.


Hi there's a few of us on here that are or have been hyperthyroid and can relate to your symptoms. Have you been put on any meds yet and when is your endocrine appt? Some of your symptoms will get better in the first 4-6 weeks of taking meds


Yes, I can definitely relate to all those symptoms. I felt much better within 2 to 3 weeks of starting treatment (I was diagnosed with graves by the endocrinologist). Best wishes.


The sweating yes and I've been put on premarin by the menopause clinic even though I am 62 and well passed the menopause, I went to the endocrinologist and was told my T3 and T4 are fine so it must be my other hormones haven't been able to do anything since


May be an idea to put your thyroid levels and ranges (numbers in brackets) in a new post and let the more knowledgeable members comment.


Hyperactive thyroid presents with lots of unpleasant conditions and it is frightening at first but you will begin to feel a little better when you are given Carbimazole and a beta blocker if needed. Lots of us on this site have been where you are now and come out the other end.

Listen to your body, don't push yourself, eat sensibly and rest if you are able to do so.

It took me around 3 weeks before my Carbimazole medication calmed down my thyroid. Ask for the results of your routine blood tests and post them on here. Others much more knowledgeable will help you to understand them. Good Luck. It will get better given time xx


Hi Luvvie ... sorry that you are feeling so miserable ...

if you have HYPERthyroid disease it would show in your blood tests

TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone

T3 and T4 Etc etc ..

You must have bloids tested to see if you have antibodies ..

If you do .. you will most likely be given Carbimazole to lower ..

But it is necessary if you need help that you come back on here in the HYPERthyroid board and let us see what they say about you .. then you will start on a hopefully short journey back to good health 🦋

It is important that you ask and GET a printed copy of your results .. which is your right !

Give us all the figures including those in brackets , which are the scales .. i.e. Ranges

Once you've done that .. your Dr should be able to get treatment started ... I would definately ask to see an ENDOCRINOLOGIST

Who will monitor you , your Thyroid and your blood results !

Don't waste time get with it .. sooner you get it all going the sooner you can get the solution and feel well again

Believe me I know exactly how bad you will be feeling a year and a half ago I thought I was going to die I was sooo ill I have Graves Disease .. but I'm now Euthyroid

I.e. .... normal And you will be too soon

Luv mx🌹

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