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Top Sante Thyroid article :)

Hi all

This months Top Sante magazine (June 2017 UK edition) contains a 6 page feature entitled the essential guide to a healthy thyroid. All the usual areas are covered including what to eat (it recommends eating seaweed for essential minerals- I thought I'd seen that Thyroid patients need to be careful with how much seaweed is consumed?), herbal supplements, exercise, T4-T3 conversion, how stress affects the thyroid, the menopause, hypo/hyper descriptions and treatments and when to seek additional help.

It's great to see an article on the Thyroid in a mainstream popular magazine and it is written well. However, annoying that only standard thyroxine treatment is mentioned- no mention of T3 or NDT at all! And only a passing mention of Hashimotos disease.

But all in all a good article and useful if you've just been diagnosed as it explains the thyroid in easy to understand terms.

Enjoy!! :)

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But, is it written for people who are hypo? Or people who aren't and think that 'looking after' their thyroid can avoid it? Recommending people eat seaweed sounds like a recipe for disaster, to me.


Hi Grey Goose

No it's not specifically. I'd say it's targeted at the mass audience- those who are blissfully unaware of what the thyroid is/does and those who may have symptoms but may not recognise it as a thyroid condition. I must admit before I was diagnosed I'd heard of the thyroid but couldn't tell you what role it played or where it was located in the body or what went wrong.

So good for awareness raising I guess!


Oh, me neither, I had no idea. But, it's still a dangerous article, telling people to take iodine. There will be a lot more cases of people becoming hypo if they follow that advice!


Seaweed contains iodine. You don't want that extra iodine if you have thyroid problems and haven't been tested and found deficient in iodine.

Like with all media articles pushing "healthy" foods they should be telling people to eat them in moderation otherwise they are asking for trouble.


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