hi have been on 75mcg of thyroxine for the last few months but was getting slumps of tiredness through the day, have had an increase to 100mcg and was fine for 6 weeks then started to get palpitations at night when I got into bed spoke to the gp and am going to be taking 75mcg for 2 weeks and 100mcg for the other 2 weeks am hoping that this will work! had an endoscopy 2 weeks ago and they found a bacteria in my stomach on 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and I must say I am feeling better could not swallow and was chocking on my food and drink before does anyone mix the dose of there theyroxine? how are you getting on with it thanks :-)

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Alternating dose every 2 weeks is very unusual. When 100mcg daily is too much and 75mcg daily is too little 75/100mcg alternate days is often prescribed.

hi clutter I did suggest that to the gp as I thought that would be the better choice to me it makes more sense but she said to swop it over every 2 weeks I will swop them dailt and see how it goes does it make any difference either way?


The way your GP has suggested it will leave you under medicated for 2 weeks and over medicated for 2 weeks. Alternating daily would give you an average daily dose of 87.5mcg.

thanks clutter I will take the doses on alternate days as I wanted to it makes more sense thanks for your help :-)

had a thought would I take 100mcg for 4 days and 75mcg for the other 3 or the other way round? or does it not make any difference? thanks for your help

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