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should i supplement iron?

period still fairly heavy

been 6 weeks now and showing no signs of stopping

i feel weak, no energy exhausted, want to sleep all the time and the usual air hunger and palpitations (propranolol not helping much now)

was looking at solgar gentle iron 20mg

dr knows about the period and didnt seem too concerned and gave me norethisterone but im too scared to take

i have an appointment next month with the dr who deals with lady probs

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Has your doctor checked you thyroid hormones Mandy72. Bleeding is yet another clinical symptom of hypo but I doubt they know this.

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My sister in laws mom ended up bed ridden because of endometriosis, she was bleeding for weeks and no one did anything about until her HB got super low and had emergency hysterectomy. My other sister in law had cystic fibroid size of an orange and she got very anemic because of bleeding. They both got iron injections as the iron storages were critically low.

If you are bleeding a lot you should get full iron panel soon and get iron infusion or injection. If your iron is very low supplementing won't fix it as you can't absorb enough. Ofc supplementing won't hurt but your iron should be tested.


My advice to you if your breathing gets any worse e.g. you struggle when walking on the flat is to go straight to A&E as you risk collapsing. Get anyone - e.g. a neighbour to drive you there.

I know a few women who have collapsed due to iron problems and only got treated in A&E. In every single case their GP was useless and didn't diagnose they had a problem either by refusing a haemoglobin test or by not checking ferritin. In the worse case one had to have a blood transfusion.

The issue is that iron problems are common in women so some GPs don't take it seriously that you can die from it.


When I was in perimenopause & not yet diagnosed with an underactive thyroid,my periods became very heavy & continuous.I became very anaemic as a result.I was advised that when one has become very anaemic,OTC iron supplementation will not help until iron levels are improved by big doses.I now know that my underactive thyroid made my problem much worse,in addition to being perimenopausal & having fibroids.I needed adequate levels of iron & thyroid replacement


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