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Inventor of the TSH test. What did he say?

Somewhere at the back of my foggy brain, I remember reading about the inventor of the TSH test later saying that he had reservations about it being used to monitor UAT or something like that. Am I right? If so does anyone have a link to it.

Seeing a doctor at my local practice tomorrow morning with my private blood tests. I'm printing off various items to back up my case for an increase and also would like to leave her a little light reading!


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Thank you Clutter.


I'm the same as you, read stuff and later wish I'd bookmarked it or wrote down the key points. I'm sure I read somewhere that the testing company that pioneered the test in the US annually paid / donated to the medical profession to use the test as the standard testing method ?

Anyone with any further info would be 👍


This would be interest too. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.


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