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TSH Test creator (Robert D. Utiger, MD) says body temperature is better!

There has been some considerable debate either for or against Wilson's Temperature Syndrome. This is not the point here, what is interesting is this link:

Would be really good if this sort of information and the original source could be put about where it needs to go.


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I agree it has its interest. But when did he say that?

Robert D. (“Bob”) Utiger, M.D., a beloved physician, researcher, mentor, educator, and editor died on June 29, 2008 at his home in Weston, Massachusetts.

So it must have been at least a few years ago. And if it was much longer ago, anyone arguing that TSH is good will dismiss this as being from before the current ultra-high sensitivity TSH tests. It would be good to have a good contemporaneous reference to this as his point of view.



Yup Rod, absolutely accepted BUT the fact that this has been out there, and things stand as they are for so many people, still remains a little shocking.

Indeed in my working life I have seen psychological research studies (with very small, not particularly significant, population samples) be implemented by, for example, Health & Social Services some 10 - 15 years after the research simply because those bodies quite liked the idea(s)... no other reason! There is no level playing field and scant corrigible decision making across many sectors.

It certainly would be good to have a contemporaneous reference... apologies, I do wish I had time to do this.

Thanks Rod!



I took a look at a website with all the info about Dr. Utiger. There are numerous other doctors mentioned and all are :"Diabetes, Metabolism & Endocrinologist.." all 210 of them,as was Dr.Utiger.

Dr Wilson's main subject is metabolism....especially body temperature.

Has anyone on this list ever had their metabolism taken into consideration when they visit their doctor? I can take lists of my low BP, slow heart rate and very low temperature to show my doctor and he takes no notice of it at all. Seems as though the TSH test was cherry picked without taking anything else into consideration. Easier I suppose.

Dr. Utiger said (according to Dr. Wilson, so this is not an actual least I can't find it but will keep looking)

"Interestingly, with all his background in research on thyroid hormones and thyroid tests he said he hoped that doctors will still practice medicine and treat the patient not the TSH. He said that still the best test is evaluating body temperature and heart rate and a therapeutic trial of T3."


Yes ellarose, I put this up simply because there has been even a glimmer that someone so closely associated with TSH creation (article says its him... who can believe anything?) is reported to have said this.

I take your point entirely - same here: I've gone to my GPs and to endos who simply won't accept that low BP (I mean 85/49), slow heart rate (I mean going to bed at night with a heart rate of 39 bpm - only 50's during the day) and a basal temperature of 34.5, sometimes even in Summer; only time it gets to 37+ C is when I have a terrible fever). Not one of these people will listen when I say that those factors have/are contributing to my poor metabolic functioning. Unbelievable, totally unbelievable,,, as my father used to say: "Many of these beggars have just scraped through medical school...".

Please, I hope someone can find the actual quote... I've gone down after 2 3/4 years of being pretty good a lot of the time.

Thank you, take care and be well ;-)


I'll keep looking. I tried to find any books written by Dr Utiger but although he seems to have written hundreds of papers I can find no book....but haven't given up. I put in Amazon Books search for Dr.Utiger and came up with:

"Thyroid Paradox..How to get the best care for Hypothyroidism." written by James K Rhone an Endo. who suffers from there's a thought...I had a feeling they must be immune but seems not! I assumed that as I had put in Dr. Utiger for the search then he might just be mentioned in this book. Anyway..I have downloaded it on my Kindle as it was cheaper and will have a good read. Will let you know if I find anything of interest.

I wonder if anyone on the list has actually got this book?.


Oh thanks! You know, the time we all put in on this... instead of just getting on with the lives we once had, is ridiculous.

Still, we must all deal with what we have, as best as we can... onward and upward!



The BRODA O Barnes Research Foundation is where Dr PEATFIELD trained and you will find it of interest. I am sorry I CANNOT link at present but you can search on Google.

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Yes Shaws, Dr Peatfield is a fine doctor indeed. I also have a highy relevant Broda Barnes book (along with a load more... trying to fix myself) and find his approach very interesting indeed.

Thank you!


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