Private MMA & homocysteine testing

Hi Anyone had these done? Posted on PA forum but no responses. Hoping to find somewhere a bit cheaper than BH and Medichecks if that's possible. Otherwise would be interested to hear who you used and whether result was helpful to you. This is not for me, it's for my husband. He has had a lowish B12 result and we have done an active B12 which was fine but lowish again. Just want to get all the tests done that can be affected by supplementing before we try that. Thank you.

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I had a homocystein test done through Blue Horizon but you have to have it done at a hospital. You have a choice of hospital. The test has to be done as soon as blood is drawn. I don't know if it is cheaper elsewhere.

Did you see Doctor in the House last night? The guy had high homocystein levels and was put on a brand of vitamin b and folate supplement that lowered his count from almost 35 to 7. I know it doesn't answer your question, but it would be interesting to watch the programme on catch-up.

Thank you. I hadn't watched it but am intending to do so on catch up. Will make sure that I do. Thanks for letting me know.

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