MTHFR & Homocysteine testing

I am hetero for MTHFR C677T & A1298C.Do I need to get tested for elevated levels of homocysteine?Has anyone done this privately or managed to get tested on the NHS LOL?

I am taking the correct forms of B6,B12 &folate & eat almost no meat.I have started supplementing with TMG(betaine hydrochloride)Is anyone taking NAC?

My optician says he has never seen such a build up of cholesterol in a 60 something female's eyes,which is worrying.

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  • Naomi,

    Homocysteine levels increase in the body when the metabolism of methionine to cysteine is impaired. This may be a vitamin B6 or vitamin B12 deficiency, low thyroid hormone levels and//or genetic factors (MTHFR) that affect the body's absorption and use of folic acid.

    They are checked via blood tests and I understood GP's will do them ( I haven't had one) but you are doing the right things to rid any elevation. Just make sure thyroid hormones are good too.

    Betaine HCL is better taken with Pepsin as the two work together. Many supplements already contain this.

    I supplement NAC as don't have the glutathione gene. I think Hashi sufferers with MTHFR issues should always supplement NAC because we appear to have so many genetic impairments and it is important role in the detoxification pathways. It smells really horrid. .... :o))) ... (sulphur) but will help eliminate elevated homocysteine.


    NAC reduces homocysteine

  • Radd

    Thank you for your helpful reply & link.How did you come to get tested for the missing glutathione gene?I have done a 23&me test.I use Betaine HCL with pepsin and betaine HCL on its own.Can I take pepsin with a low protein meal?I think I better start NAC,as well.

  • Naomi,

    Betaine HCL and Pepsin should always be taken together. Just take less of both with low protein meals and more with higher protein meals. I take between 700 -2100 mg Betaine HCL and 10-30mg Pepsin but you will learn your own amounts.

    The absence of my glutathione gene came to light when I did the Genova Dexoigenomic Test. This identifies SNP's associated with increased risk of impaired liver detoxification, especially useful in those with a potential susceptibility to adverse drug reactions. (I suffered psychosis last year.)

    It looks at phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification and methyl and ethyl groups and oxidative stress (caused by free radicals and incorrect bodily use of thyroid hormone- ie when we are not converting and medicate too much hormone in an effort to feel well, or suffer cell resistance and end up with too much free hormone in the blood stream).

  • Thank you Radd,that's helpful.I take it you dose once a day?I have started by taking 1 capsule once a day:HCl 650mg,pepsin 25mg.I am aware of the protocol suggested to find one's optimum dose,will do that soon.

  • Naomi,

    No, I take Betaine +Pepsin every time I eat a meal. I eat protein at every meal so supplement according to how much protein I consume..

  • Thanks Radd

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