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Hypothyroid & perimenopause

Hi all. I have been suffering with low thyroid for a while with ups and down despite medication provided by Mr Peatfield. About a year ago I started suffering the menopause symptoms: low moods, hot sweats, fatigue, muscle soreness, strong headaches, brain fog, weak memory, struggling with falling asleep and sleeping enough (i have 6-7 hrs sleep a night).

I was on HRT for 9 months but exlerienced very heavy period and i have 4 fibroids and not happy overall how i was feeling. Came off it. Put on 6KGs al together and am not a happy bunny. Trying to rest and gentle excercise. I take magnesium twice a day, vit b complex by Nutri, Vit D 5kiu, and now I started using Phytosoya and they have an evening tab for sleeping better with Lemon Balm and more Magnesium.

I still get the symptoms above described which are pretty much interfering with my life as I work for myself and struggling.

Any suggestions for what supplements work for you in Menopause with sweats etc..

Many thanks,


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In a hurry sorry but quickly, soya not good for thyroid... have you got latest blood test results, with ranges? Have you had b12 FERRITIN FOLATE tested?

A lot of your symptoms can be hypothyroid and or low b12 etc but it would be a huge help to have a 'full picture' 🙂

I am well past menopause but still had all the symptoms hot sweats etc and after reading people talking about how it helped them I got some 'Wellsprings Serenity cream ' and at first made me worse but as I reduced dose to a tiny smear sweats 90% improved. Sorry must go

Linda x


im the same, i find a a shower whenever i need to wake up more and face pampering gives me the most comfort. sounds lame but seems to help more than the tablets along with watching you tube videos to relax and readng other peoples problems.


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