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Can I take a 2nd dose of NDT in the afternoon

I have got myself to a place of feeling pretty good from morning unit about 3:30pm, and then I am tired. Not so tired that I have to sleep, but tired enough that I am not able to do anything. I take 3 NDT grains upon waking, and wondering if a fourth would be beneficial? I have attempted, but not stopped as I am not sure. Would love feedback, Thank you.

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It would help members advise if you could post recent thyroid results and ranges. Increasing by 1 grain is a bit much. If your FT3 is within range you could take an extra half grain in the afternoon.


Perhaps 2 and a half in the morning and a half in the afternoon, or 2 in the AM and 1 after 3pm?


I would try first juggling by splitting your dose and if you can't improve on that add in half a grain


Hi you could try 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I only take two, one first thing and then one in the afternoon. It's hard to fit everything in though i.e. not eating before or after the afternoon one but I manage OK.


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