change in NDT dose

Hi Everyone. I haven't posted for ages as I've been doing so well since the spring on 2 grains of ThyroidS and 5000mcg of B12 every day.

However, I've started to get that afternoon dip again :( Yawning at 3-4pm and just wanting to sleep, nothing as bad as it was before on no B12 and Levo!!

My question is this - is it possible my need for NDT has risen? Can that happen? Does the cold weather have anything to do with it? (I'm in the north of England) Would it be ok to try another 1/4 of ThyroidS?

I haven't told my GP yet what I'm doing. I'm waiting until I get called in for my annual blood test for my thyroid, although I'm not sure whether that is triggered by time or by the number of Levo prescriptions I've asked for.

Thanks all xx

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  • Matty220,

    TSH rises during the autumn and winter and drops during the spring and summer.

    You should have had a thyroid test 6-8 weeks after starting 2 grains NDT to check levels. I would recommend you do this to check FT3 is within range before increasing dose. Blue Horizon is offering 20% off blood tests ordered today if you pay via PayPal. Thyroid Plus 6 includes TSH, FT4 and FT3.

  • I've just rung my doctor to see how the blood tests are triggered and apparently they aren't. It's up to me, the patient, to decide if I need one or not!

    I asked if I could make an appointment for a blood test and was told (by the receptionist) that she would speak to the nurse and the nurse would decide if she thought it was necessary - how would she know? They won't even ring me to tell me what she's decided - I have to ring in 2 days to find out!!

    It's no wonder our surgery had a 'requires improvement' rating!!

  • matty220, If you are not requesting regular prescriptions for levothyroxine, then you won't be called for further thyroid blood tests.

    On your last NHS prescription, it would have had an annual 'review date'. If you didn't request a repeat prescription around that time, then the system wouldn't have triggered the call for a blood test.

  • Matty220,

    Some GP practices will monitor you if you switch from Levothyroxine to NDT but if you don't have a diagnosis they probably won't. Very few GP practices can order FT3 which is why I linked you to private tests above.

  • Thanks. I've definitely got a diagnosis. I've been on levo for about 20 years. As my tsh was always below range I always got my t3 tested which was very useful. I think I'll just wait a couple of days to see what the nurse says.

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