Thyroid changed in size since November 2016

Hello, Its been awhile since ive been on . I recently found another doctor and he is trying to help me with my symptoms. This is my question. I had a thyroid ultrasound in November of 2016, the new doctor ordered a new ultrasound. The right lobe went from 4.5x1.4x1.9 to 4.9x1.4x1.9 (5/1/17) . The left lobe was 4.7x1.4x1.8 and now it is 5.1x1.8x1.8cm . So my question is , does a normal thyroid change or enlarge, or is this part of thyroid disease. To give you a little history, my mom, grandma and uncles all have hypothyroidism. I have been feeling tired, weak, sore and gaining weight for almost 2 years now. My Tsh has gone from 1.7 to 2.3 to 3.3 to 3.9 to 2.3. I also had my TPO tested and it was high for antibodies. My newest symptoms now involve, constipation and sore throat with a feeling of choking and something in there. Im waiting to go back to my doctor to discuss the recent ultrasound. I actually could see my results through my insurance , but have not talked to my doctor yet. I did see in comments on ultrasound Iodine deficiency diffuse epidemic goiter. Not sure what that all means if its thyroid disease or if i just need Iodine. Id would appreciate any advice and if the thyroid is suppose to change in size? Is this Normal?

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i have heard of thyroids being swollen by hanging onto medication as generally low and I have had it suggested to me that I was probably only iodine deficient and shouldn't have been put on medication but after the years I've been in it I'm stuck with it. Why this was suggested to me I don't know but I am one of the 10% that doesn't have antibodies.

If he is saying that iodine lack is the problem then I would insist he gets the level tested to confirm that.

You have Hashimotos Thyroditis which is an auto immune thyroid disease.

You definitely need medication. Plus ideally you should be gluten, casein(cows milk) and soy free. You will feel so much better. When you eat gluten or casein with Hashimotos the body sees an invader and as gluten and casein look like the thyroid to the body (molecular mimmickry) the T cells that are sent to attack also attack your thyroid.

Look at my previous posts for a list of other things that help.

Good websites.

Thyroid UK obviously!

Stop the thyroid madness.

Research leaky gut.

Amy Myers also has some good info.

Some of these sites are trying to sell products but ignore that as info is good.😀

I have been noticing my ibs symtoms have been worse and my cholesterol is now 225. I cut out red meat and eggs and have tried to eat foods good for cholesterol and exercising, but im not sure if it has been helping , I go back next week for follow up blood work, plus vitamin D slightly low at 28, but I started taking supplements a month ago.

If you had high antibodies, you have Hashi's. Hashi's can cause a goitre, swelling of the thyroid. Nothing to do with iodine.

Even if you are iodine deficient - and you would need a test to prove that - it isn't that that's causing your hypo symptoms, it's the Hashi's. And, even if you took iodine, it wouldn't 'cure' your hypo, but could make it worse, because of the antibodies.

Hi, reading your post is like I'm reading about myself! I've had three ultrasounds, the first was normal, 16 months later the second showed heterogeneous changes, 9 months after that I have a nodule which is 0.5cm one way & the right lobe is slightly larger. The Endo is going to leave it & not recheck it but finally diagnosed Hashimoto's (I knew that from a private blood test 2yrs ago!). I asked how I'd know if it gets any bigger, the reply was 'if it starts causing you problems'. I can't get thyroid meds as I'm 'in the range' & I've been housebound for a long time (& fairly young). Can't even get a trial 🙂

I understand your frustration. I have been so tired and my whole body has went haywire, even working out is showing no results. I have been working out for 3 months and I feel stronger, but cant lose the 30 lbs i put on in the last 8 months. I hope they figure it out , exspecialy since i have a strong family connection with thyroid disease. I had antibodies 6 months ago and they said it was normal, but I got the report from Quest and it said it was High. Im hoping this new doctor will send me to an endo. doctor. I think If i can get a referral to see the endo. they will be able to help me better.

Gluten, casein free will help with the weight I'm sure. Ask about T3/NDT when you see the endo

You definitely needs meds as you definitely have Hashimotos the antibodies show that.

The Goitre also shows Hashimotos. I'm guessing your thyroid is under active attack if goitre is getting more enlarged.

Your vitamin D is quite low, ideally should be around 60 if you look at research. Dr bloods will say ok lower as they don't want the cost of supplementing everyone.

Have you had your B12,Folate and Ferritin checked?

The doctor didnt test for b12-folate or ferritin. I will ask him to test that also.

Also when I switched to NDT my cholesterol has come down. Another reason why I think you are not converting T4 to T3 adequately enough.

Don't let them put you on statins!!

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