Help! Tramadol contraindication

I suffer from myxeodema, have done for a long time, and it has been well controlled on 150ug Levothyroxine. It was due to undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid disease. Recently I've been trying to manage pain for other conditions and was given Tramadol (which was horrendous and only lasted 2 weeks) but since then I have suffered neck pain and now I've been told my thyroid levels are way out. A locum gp has cut my medication from 150ug to 100ug. Has anyone else had problems combining these two drugs? Would love some feedback before I jump in all guns blazing. Wondering if it's another incompetent prescribing mistake. GP had wanted to give me some other tablets and start autoimmunity tests when I told her I had myxoedema, obviously she hadn't even read my notes. Thanks.

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I am prescribed Tramadol 50mg capsules for chronic pain. I'm allowed up to 8 capsules a day, but usually only take 2 capsules.

I don't have a problem with the Tramadol at all. There is no indication in the Patient Information Leaflet that it shouldn't be taken by people with thyroid problems.

There are people who shouldn't take Tramadol, but none of the relevant things mentioned in the leaflet apply to me.

Thanks. I had read the patient information leaflet but was hoping someone in the thyroid community might have run into this same problem. My thyroid has been stable for years and only after taking Tramadol did it cause problems. I'm taking Palexia now which is Tramadol's successor.

Are to taking the pain killers well away from your thyroid meds? If not you could not be getting the full effect of your thyroid meds as other medication can interfer with them. The usual gap is two hours.

I'm so ill on tramadol. Finding gaberpentin great though and ok with thyroid meds. Just a bit spaced out for first couple of days! Maybe worth asking if you can switch. What sort of pain? Gaberpentin really good for nerve pain.

We are definitely all different. :) I've never taken gabapentin, but I have taken pregabalin which is a very similar drug. I hated it because I could only stay awake for about 6 hours a day while I was on it. And yet Tramadol causes me no problems at all.

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