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Nature thyroid

Hi has anyone experience of getting nature thyroid from the chanel islands. My private gp recommends it but has sent the prescription direct to a pharmacy there. I wondered what are the advantages or disadvantages of not using a uk based pharmacy. Are they less stringent with quality control? Is it any cheaper or more expensive? Not sure why? Thanks

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I understood if you lived in the Channel Islands you paid the full cost of the medication but you may well have to have something from your doctors to say you need it. Lots of drugs are available through the CI's as well but how that affects cost I have no idea. Generally there is no VAT but again I don't know how/whether that makes a difference.

Be interested to know how this works out for you.


The quality control of RLC products that make Nature Throid, & WP Thyroid that I use, is excellent. They've never had a product recall.

As a rough guide, I paid £87 for my last order of 100 2 grain WP, including the UK customs charges. The price went up £5 post Brexit vote, then another £15 after Trump's election, so may have risen again. WP's slightly more expensive than NT, but i found it a little stronger.


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