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High Serum Urea, is it associated with hypothyroidism?


Last week I picked up some print outs of some blood test I had a few weeks ago at the Doctors. The serum urea is above range, so the Doctor ask me to do a urine sample, this came back O.K. and I was told to have the serum urea tested again in two months.

Does anyone know if this is in anyway connected to hypothyroidism?

Thank you.

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All I know is this the amount of waste in your blood and to do with kidneys - your kidneys are supposed to remove it unless working slower than usual.

Not sure if often associated with thyroid or not though but I imagine there's some overlap if thyroid not working perfectly and my aunt has an autoimmune kidney problem :-)

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Many thanks for replying,

I have felt unwell for two months now since the high urea and have wondered if is because my thyroid levels are out, so there maybe some truth in it.


Sorry I can't help much as my urea always comes back under range so never looked into it much.

I thought I'd have a quick look because I started to wonder in regards to my aunt and found this:


Don't know how relevant it is. It mentions a few things but the part about low t3 syndrome being associated with ckd is interesting to me and I'm wondering if my aunt has ever had her t3 tested (as they don't normally) considering I can't convert T4 and always very had low t3 until medicated - Not sure how valid this study is mind you lol!

However did just look at causes of high serum urea and there are often many causes that are not related to kidneys ranging from stress, gastro issues, infection, obstruction of urine flow,corticosteroids, and dehydration so I expect your docs not that concerned and will check if gone down on your next test?

What are your symptoms at the mo?


Just really feel like I have a virus, sore throat, aches and pains, nausea, headache, lethargy. but also down in the dumps, anxious, weepy at times.

I will have a look at the link you kindly provided.

It is interesting about low T3 syndrome and CKD.

My daughter has had hypo. symptoms for eight years and Doctors would not treat because levels were in range. She saw Dr. Skinner who diagnosed her hypo. and put her on levo. which did not help her, She then tried NDT. and again no help so she went onto T3 and found an improvement.

She was has a small damaged kidney which is only working 8% which we found when she was six years old, but thank fully the other kidney is fine.

I wonder could her kidney condition have a bearing on low T3?


Yes that is interesting, I just don't know much about the kidneys lol! I was always ill since childhood and it is horrible and I'm always worrying my daughter will be like me but on the plus side, at least your daughter has someone who is reading up and making sure she's okay and not leaving it to crappy GPs :-)

Something Viral doesn't normally last two months so more likely to be bacterial infection. There has been some nasty stuff going round here a month or so ago and many people I know who don't normally catch things (including myself) were dropping like flies all with sore throats and nausea and feeling awful for much longer than usual - 4 weeks including the general exhausted feeling. I felt awful for longer as my thyroid levels drop if really ill so always takes a bit longer to recover on top. I'm still not sure if gone completely as seemingly improved and then recurred a few times.

Do you still have sore throat and nausea - often the likely culprit for these two plus not going away is Strep A type bacterial infections as these can sometimes be really difficult to shake off without antibiotics and spread to other areas and there's definitely been an increase of these in the past couple of years. Have you had a high temperature/fever at any point though - this would generally happen? This can also cause inflammation of joints and in your kidney but can be tested for easily so just ask for a strep test.

My daughter had scarlet fever a few years back (another strep infection) she couldn't knock off for two months and she didn't get a rash - GP said he's seen more and cases presenting this way recently - this did the rounds again at her school more recently.

Other than bacterial, I really can't think of much else involving sore throat and nausea together to be honest? THe other symptoms don't offer much clues either as present in so many things.

I hope you get better soon though but if doesn't get better soon, you should ask GP :-)

Can I ask - what do you think were the first symptoms of hypo do you think you first noticed in your little one?


Hi Saggyuk,

many thanks for the information.

I have just been to the Doctors and I am having bloods tested on Monday, he said he would test for a couple of viruses, glandular fever been one, but I don't think it's that as my glands are not particularly swollen along with kidney and liver function.

He did not even say they had been nasty virus in the area and I don't know anyone else who has got one. what ever it is I am sure it has knocked my thyroid levels out as I have felt very down in the dumps and weepy.

Interesting that you say a lot of people have something nasty in your area, what part of the Country do you live?

Yes I still have a very sore throat today and felt nauseous yesterday but not today, the symptoms seem to be swopping and changing.

Regarding my little one, she is now 34, lol.

She was always ill as a child, born with one of her kidneys very small with a reflux on her tube which had to be re implanted.

She picked up everything that was going around and in her teens started with Intersitial cystitis, had lots of tests and scans and were told it had nothing to do with her kidney problem.

When her fist child was around 18 months she started with hypo. symptoms, exhaustion, insomnia, freezing cold all the time, bone pain. Doctor diagnosed CFS. as thyroid levels "in range" 8 years later she has now has an official diagnoses of hypothyroidism as her TSH has risen above range. It has always been above 3.0 which in some other Countries she would have diagnosed then, but because of our stupid range she has been left feeling poorly.

Another interesting thing is, we have also just learnt Intersitial Cystitis can be associated with hypothyroidism.

Best wishes.

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How much water do you drink daily ?


Hi Marz.

3 to 4 pints, and one of these is with Vitamin C powder.

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Hi Lucylocks

I've always looked out for my eGFR result regarding kidney function and think doctors look at creatine in urine. Have you ever had s kidney problem? There is a kidney forum today on his site, you can check in and find out info. Best wishes xx


Hi Dreamer12,

When I was in my early 20's which is 40 years ago, I had a lot of tests on my kidneys as I had urine infections and bad pelvic and back pain. All they told me was that the tests and X-Rays showed no MAJOR abnormality, did not say if there was a minor one.

My daughter was born with one of her kidneys very small and had a reflux on one of her tubes that had to be re implanted.

My father was also told he had a problem with one of his kidneys but never found out what is was.

My urea level is 8.4 range 3.00 - 7.60

Creatinine 74 range 55.00 - 87.00

GFR 75

Thank you.

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Hi lucylocks

I had a both both my Ureters replanted in 1996 and this operation was successful at clearing the blockage and my kidneys could work again. They have been at stage 3 for 20 years until I started to get ill with hypothyroidism in Jan 2015. I have always found Renal medicine very caring and thorough unlike Endos and now GPs who are supporting the endos. I'm getting better now but still quite a bit to go. It's a shame about your daughter, I hope she's okay now. I went on to have two children after re-implantation so I'm sure your daughter will do well. I was 32 when I had surgery. Why don't you go on the ckd forum and get good advice also. This forum has helped me so much. Best wishes Jane xx


Hi Jane,

My daughter was six when she had her ureter re implanted.

She has two beautiful children, she did ask if they could be tested for the same condition as we had been told it could be hereditary, but they said as she is an only child (apparently if more than one family member has the same condition they will test for it) they could not test them.

My daughter has recently been given an official diagnoses of hypothyroidism after suffering symptoms for eight years but of course Doctors put it down to CFS because her thyroid levels were in the so called "range". Her TSH has always been above 3.0 so in some other Countries would have got a diagnoses sooner. It has now gone above range.

Obviously thyroid and kidney function go hand in hand.

Did you not have problems with urine infections as a child? this is how we found my daughter had the reflux.

Good to hear you are now improving.

Best wishes to you.

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Hi lucylocks

No they think it was Endometriosis that blocked the Ureters. I had Glandular Fever as a 16 year old. Hope you and all the family keep well. Xxx


Oh I see,

Hope you and your family keep well also.

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Such a shame you daughter had struggled for 8 years .. it's shocking the way people with thyroid issues are being treated. X

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Totally agree.

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