Anyone increased ferritin from eating pate?

Have been trying to get my ferritin levels up for about a year using solgar gentle iron. Was ok at first but have had a few episodes of gastritis type symptoms and had to stop a few times most recently a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would try liver once a week instead but cover it up in a chilli and really couldn't stomach it at all. I do however like liver pate so have been trying to eat some everyday on a bit of toast. Anyone raised their ferritin like this?

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If you Google 'How much iron in..... ' it shows that liver pate has 5.5mg iron in 100g, lamb's liver has 7.4mg in 100g, chicken liver has 12.9g in 100g. I've never eaten pate so don't know how much would be considered a serving size.

Here's an iron food chart, check out how much iron in different foods and see if you can boost your iron intake by including some of them:

Also, have you tried Ferritin supplement rather than an iron supplement?

Was thinking 100g is quite a lot of pate but have checked packet and I've eaten about 150g in a week. So about the same as a portion of liver in a meal?

Might see how the pate goes then will explore ferritin tabs or liver supplements.

Am hoping to be prescribed levo on Friday. Will I have problems if my ferritin is below mid range? It was 42 (13-150) when last tested.


You need ferritin to be at least 70 for thyroid hormone to work properly (that is your own or thyroid hormone replacement). Half way through range is recommended although I have seen 100-130 recommended for females.

I tend to buy approx half a kilo of fresh liver at a time, it usually comes in anywhere between 450-500g. Portioning it into three, use one and freeze the rest for the following weeks. So my meal of liver is probably 150g (the dog has some if it's any more). I have read that we should have no more than 200g a week.

Do you cook casseroles, cottage pie, bolognese, curry, etc. You can add some minced liver to any meat dish and you won't notice it.

Do you use apple cider vinegar for low stomach acid? Instead of sweetening with honey, try organic black strap molasses, look for other ways to use molasses. Add as many foods from the list I linked to above.

Sorry not to reply earlier have been feeling awful and couldn't get HU app to work properly for a while. Thanks for the tips. Have already tried adding liver to a strongly flavoured chilli. Couldn't cope with the livery flavour sadly (I could taste it!!). Hence why I thought if liver pate which I love oddly even though I can't stand actual liver!

I have used ACV in the past for indigestion but stopped because it tastes horrible and have had problems with sensitive teeth and was concerned about washing them with acid!

Didn't know about molasses. Might try that too. Not sure if I can have it as I am on a low FODMAP diet and have to be careful of sweeteners but might give it a go and see how my bowel reacts. Thanks for the tips.

Thank you SeasideSusie 😊 chart is super useful.

I've only just found that and was quite surprised by some of them, particularly 30 grams of muesli has 11mg iron. I have Jordan's Four Nut Muesli quite often for breakfast, I think I might start having it every day now 😊

Yeah, there's some very surprising stuff - parsley!!! Ok you'd need to eat a lot, but it contains quite a lot of iron 😊

The other tables are useful too. Great find, have kept that one!

I hadn't quite realised when I went completely grain free, how much iron then needs replacing. Now I can see the work to do...... πŸ™„

Be aware that there are two types of iron heme (from meat sources) and non-heme (from plant sources). Non-hemeiron is much more difficult to absorb which is why veges and vegans can be low in iron.

Calcium also impacts iron absorption along with polyphenols (eg tea, coffee, chocolate) and eggs amongst other things. Some foods enhance iron absorption such as alcohol (hurrah!), beta-carotene and foods with vit c. Some foods containing iron have other things in the food that inhibit absorption. It's complicated which is why it is often recommended to take iron supplements on an empty stomach.

It's mind boggling isn't πŸ˜£πŸ€”

Recently added ferrous bisglycinate + vit C (on empty stomach) to weekly liver and onions ..... time will tell how that goes πŸ™„

Thanks to Humanbeans's recent post showing interactions between vitamins and minerals I've rearranged my supplements πŸ€—

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