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Return doc's visit

Hi all,

I last posted a few months ago and everyone was so helpful - thank you. Just as a recap, these were my last test results, back in January....

T4: 15 (9 - 22.7)

TSH: 3.09 (0.35 - 5.5)

Also something else that was 213 and should have been between 0 - 60 which apparently is in keeping with autoimmune thyroid disease...(hope that makes some sense!)

I've booked to see my doctor again next week because, quite honestly, I don't feel any better on medication. I'm currently taking 50mcg levo and my friend, who is a doctor, says it should be upped based on my results, even though they're within range. The doctor didn't actually see me after those results, I just got a phone call from the receptionist saying to keep taking the same dosage.

I'm sick of always feeling knackered when I wake up, even when I get enough sleep. I'm always cold and I've developed what looks like patches of psoriasis on my legs (just recently). I'm sure it's all connected somehow.

How should I approach this with my doc if I want him to raise my medication? I'm happy to pay for it if it's a cost issue (I currently get free prescriptions). Any advice would be so welcome!

Thank you :)

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Yes an increase is needed. You should be tested every 6/8 weeks and the dose adjusted according to the results AND how you are feeling 😊

For you to feel well and for your thyroid hormones to work well - you need good levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD. Have they been tested ?

Skin problems are often linked to low thyroid or VitD. I would also ask for Thyroid anti-bodies to be checked to rule out Hashimotos - Anti-TPO & Tg.

For you to feel well when on meds your TSH needs to be around 1 - and 50mcg is just a starter dose.

Good lluck with your Doc !

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Thank you Marz! I don't think my ferritin (i'm guessing that's iron?) B12 or Vit D have been tested so I'll ask. Should I also ask to be tested for coeliac disease or is that inferred in the Hashimoto's anyway? What's Folate? Thanks so much! x


The coeliac testing can often throw up false negatives and you can be sensitive without being a full blown coeliac. Being gluten free can help to heal the gut ....

Getting the Folate - B12 - Ferritin - VitD tested would be a good start. B12 & Folate work together in the body. Folate is B9 or Folic Acid - the latter being synthetic. All these levels are low in Hashimotos folk due to absorption issues. When you have your results pop them into a new post for people to comment. 😊

Hope all goes well with the doc ....


Start by emailing for a copy of PULSE article bt Dr Toft for GPs

If correctly treated TSH should be below 1.0 and freet4 and freet3 should both be in balance near top of their ranges yours are not


I have done and she has responded - thank you, much appreciated :)


The antibodies show Hashimotos so you really need to be on a gluten, casein(milk) and soy free diet. That may make you feel much better and should sort skin issues.

Your TSH is too high, you definitely need an increase in the Levothyroxine. 50mcg is a starting dose. Ideally your TSH needs to be under 1 to feel well but whatever under 2.

Ask your Dr if you can try an increase for 6 weeks as you feel so exhausted rather than go in with facts that tends to puss them off 😀

Mention that you have autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroditis so it's on your notes otherwise they'll ignore this.

If you look at my posts I've made a list of all the things I've found that have helped with the Hashimotos.


Amazing, thank you so much. I was thinking of cutting gluten. I love dairy products though so I think I'd struggle with that and I eat a lot of sushi with soy sauce! Will have to look at alternatives in case.... I think that's a good idea asking for a temporary increase, thanks for the tip and I'll check out your posts! Oh to feel full of bean again!


There's a good gluten free one, Kikkoman tamari soy sauce looove sushi 😀

Goats products cheese and butter are ok goat butter in most supermarkets and delicious. Sheeps milk seems to be fine too. Almond milk is delicious.

You'll feel sooo much better and weight seems to drop off easily 👍🏼X


soy sauce is loaded with aluminium and very bad fir the thyroid

also be very sure that not one single piece of cookware is aluminium or non stick coated or foil

use only stainless steel or cast iron or glass

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Oh lordy, it's a minefield isn't it???


Absolutely any food thats been in the hands of food industry tends to be contaminated by aluminium its ubiquitous and very toxic

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