Further advise on Endo instructing to stop T3

Hi all here are the blood results prompting Endo to instruct to stop T3

Free T3 7.02(3.1-6.8)

Free t4 24.6(11-23)

TSH <o.o1(0.27-4.5)


Calcium is also above range but Endo's Sec didnt include that.

Background 13 t yearsTT for cancer. Only on Levothyroxine 200. Have had hyper and hyposymptoms I now realise for 8 years.

Private Endo endo who is good and on list from here. Reduced Levo to 150 and added 25 T3 4 weeks ago

Pains in joints and muscles better- worst if brain fuzz gone, energy better, beginning to feel like old self again nolonger bed ridden but still pains in legs and not fully normal ywt. First blood tests on T3 above results. Endo on holiday but adamant via sec to stop T3!

GP said results look ok to him so he was lieing! Seeing him tomorrow. Mainly because I think this is not just thyroide related, pains so severe and results so whacky what else is going on?



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  • No, I don't think your GP was lying. Your results are only very slightly over-range. Some people need them that way. I think your endo was just over-reacting to the suppressed TSH - which, of course, is irrelevant. But, GPs sometimes know more than endos. Endos tend to be very conservative in their treatment, with little understanding of the subtleties of thyroid treatment, and don't like T3. They believe it is dangerous!

    Have you considered nutritional deficiencies? Have you had your cortisol tested?

  • my TSH has always been suppressed like this as part of cancer prevention. No change I think but will check. Why they keep me on highish Levo

  • Yes problems there, body mimicking Cushings although test last month revealed is not.

  • Sarahpk,

    Did you take T3 before your blood test?

  • No , I have scoured the advice here and knew not to take thyroid meds at least 24 hours before and was more like 36.

  • Sarahpk,

    In that case you are over medicated and should reduce the T3 dose. It is sufficient to leave 12 hours between last T3 dose and blood draw.

    I'm also to suppress TSH after thyCa but my endo thinks I'm over suppressed to have TSH <0.01 and would like it 0.05. 3 dose reductions didn't budge TSH and I refused to reduce dose further.

    As calcium is high your GP or endo should check calcium, parathyroid hormone (PTH) and phosphate together to rule out hyperparathyroidism.

    Ferritin is mildly over range. If you are not supplementing iron high ferritin can be due to inflammation somewhere in the body.

  • Hi clutter had the parathyroid tests last month aswell as cortisol and both GP and Endo ruled out parathyroid tumour or pituatary tumour. I have reduced Levo from 200 to 150 and no change in TSH. But can feel hyper symptoms( palpitations, shakes anxiety, inner edginess) are reduced at same time as being hypo at level not functioning. I can feel the T3 kick in and get back to some level of functioning then feel it wear off as the day goes on. My body temp and pulse are very low until absorb T3 then normalise. I am feeling the benefit of T3 and now have to stop/ reduce. Its like getting hope then having to turnbthe dimmer switch down. I was "normal" ten months ago!

  • Sarahpk,

    You are over medicated to have FT3 over range. The symptoms you describe as hyper are probably due to over medication of T3. Try reducing T3 to 3/4 of a tablet (18.75mcg). If that's enough to reduce the symptoms you describe that has to be an improvement surely?

    If you feel T3 'wear off' you should try splitting dose into 2 doses 8-12 hours apart.

    If hyperparathyroidism has been ruled out what is being done to investigate high calcium?

  • Appreciate the support here and realise how complex my case is which gives me patience to persevere! I think that there is more than thyroidism going on!

  • What supplements do you take? Do you take calcium in any form? Do you take a combined multi-vitamin or multi-mineral with iron or calcium in?

  • I stopped taking multi vit and min after two weeks cos Calcium above range. Take the recommended ones on TPA in individual format so B12, folate but will stop now above range, selenium, hemp oil, magnesium, vit D, B complex, zinc, k2 ubiquinol. Vit c thru day try to get up to at least 2grams all the ones recommended to optimise levels and taken for 6 weeks. Also done leaky gut treatment. No extra calcium.

  • What was your level and reference range for folate, just out of curiosity?

    Vitamin D supplements raise the level of calcium absorbed from the diet. It can be a difficult balancing act getting vitamin D and calcium at healthy levels in some cases.

    I had high-in-range calcium which worried me. Once I added magnesium and vitamin K2 to my supplements my calcium level very slowly reduced to closer to mid-range. How much magnesium and K2 do you take?

  • Hi getting full results from GP tomorrow

  • Will check how much

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