Best Wearable for Thyroid

Best Wearable for Thyroid

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to buy one of those wearable watch thingys that can track your, temp, heart rate, sleep etc. I have been looking but I cant seem to find one that would work best for thyroid related needs. I was wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations and if not, what they specifically would like from a wearable. For me I would want something that you could input your own individual settings dependent on your issues and that tracks:

- temperature

- heart rate

- sleep

- supplement and medications with reminders

- steps/exercise

- weight

With an app that can link

- test results

- symptoms

- food; allergies, net carbs etc

Would anyone else be interested in this and if so what else would you add to this list?

Does anyone know if such a thing even exists?!!

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  • Rhsana,

    I've not seen an fitness activity tracker with all of your requirements. Google "Best Fitness trackers" and do a price comparison.

  • Hey Clutter,

    Yes indeed, I have been on a google frenzy, thus far nothing that fits that requirement actually exists, my question was more does anyone have one that they like using for now and would recommend it. And also, if such a thing did exist would they use it? In my haste to list all the requirements, perhaps I did not phrase the actually questions correctly! :p x

  • Hi Rhsana, have you had a look at the Fitbit range? I have one of the original ones, they seem fairly reliable.

  • Hi Annie,

    Thanks for your reply. Yep I used to have a fit bit but it conked out after about 6 months. I am now using the leaf by bellabeat:

    but it does not track temp/heart rate. So I am looking to upgrade.


  • That's quite a list Rhsana ! Design one and take it on dragon's den ;) have you looked in Argos, they do a few but not sure how much of your list you could tick off. Anyway, love your pic! Is it Jane n Freddy from rainbow? lol :)

  • Yes thats the idea! I was thinking more of a kickstarter campaign :P

    the pic is a still from this awesome video:

  • I use a Fitbit HR - it doesn't do the temperature though but it links in with lots of other apps

  • Thanks Millymoo!

  • Hi

    Your tracker sounds like such a good idea!! Yes, go on dragons den with it!😀

    My husband bought me a Fitbit Blaze (the latest one) a few months ago and I love it. It's very easy to use (I have had original Fitbit, a Garmin and a Sony version all not so good and more complicated to operate). Unfortunately it doesn't do temp but it does heart rate, steps, sleep and you can put in your food consumption via the Fitbit app. It also syncs with run keeper and other apps.

    Hope this helps.😀

  • Thanks Dalmation! I have a look at the Blaze. In the meantime if you think of anything else you would want from your wearable let me know I will add it to the list for the concept design x

  • BMI calculator?? And music and wireless earphones

  • Great additions! All Ideas welcome!

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