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Worried about not being correctly diagnosed.


Hi all I hope you are all well?

So I've been to the doctors many times about different things that I personally feel are linked to hypothyroidism such as:

Dry skin on inner thigh, both knee caps, on right ankle and forehead.

Cold fingers, toes and end of node (even in this heat)

Periods have become extremely painful and heavy. (Never used to be)

Hair is brittle, thin and breaks from the root and shaft at every wash, brush and if I touch it. (See photo. This is after ONE wash and brush)

Nails on fingers and toes don't grow they become brittle and scaly and flake off.

I can NEVER lose weight despite want of trying.

Pains in ankle, wrist, thumb, hips, lower back, neck.

Feeling tired regardless of amount of sleep.

I do have anxiety and take meds for it.

I've started to lose my train of thought sometimes if I don't really really concentrate.

Upper stomach pain. I describe it like being sucker punched in the upper stomach. It's very painful at times.

I visited my g.p and he has given me omoprezol (I think that's how you spell it) to try for the stomach pain and steroid cream for the skin patches. He also sent me for a blood test. The last one I had was about a year ago but I was told it was "normal" I'm just worried that this will also come back as normal when clearly something is wrong. If this is the case how do i go about asking for me results? Do I ask the Dr specifically or will reception give me them? I have anxiety so asking for things is scary for me and our receptionists are renown for being "funny" (read jerky) if you ask for certain things.

Thank you all for taking time to read this.

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Hi my dear iv had a thyroid problem from childhood blood test would come back clear until I had a breakdown In 2006 I was put in the mental health hospital had a test done there on my father in instant still came back clear he was having no of it then they sent me for a scan as my neck was that swallow I nearly died is suffocation that when they found it I went in for surgery and had most of it taken away I'm about 60% better but still suffer from this problem there is a needle you can have that goes though the neck into the thyroid to draw fluid from the thyroid it self good luck for the future and keep on at the doctors I was 36 years old when they found my problem

Hi, thank you ever so much for your lovely reply.

I'm so sorry you have had so much going on in your life, that sure is a huge amount to be dealing with.

It seems this is a tricky thing to pin down and get a proper diagnoses.

I hope things are getting better for you in all aspects and you are as well as can be. :)


By law you are entitled to a copy of your blood results free of charge (since May 25th), don’t feel intimidated to ask, they are your results.

I would advise you go to your GP surgery and ask for the official copy of your blood results (with lab ranges).

In the past, before I got clued up about this thyroid business, I accepted what the receptionist told me, my bloods were ‘Normal’.

I have now signed up with my surgery to access them on line.

Once you have your results pop them on here (including the ranges) and the more experienced members will advise.

Just because your GP states they are ‘normal’ this means nothing.

The NHS guidelines can still leave us thyroid patients with symptoms.

Bloods for thyroid testing should be done first thing in the morning before 9am. We pass this advice on here as your TSH will be high in the morning gaining either the start of your thyroid treatment or an increase.

There is no need to discuss this tip with your GP/ nurse etc as it’s a tip for thyroid suffers.

Thyroid testing should be TSH, T3 & T4, some GP’s only test TSH, that will not give you the whole picture of what’s going on.

Vitamin levels are important as well, as this supports the thyroid. Test, Ferritin, iron, vitamin C & B12.

It maybe a good idea to test for antibodies as well (autoimmune disease) as you have mentioned your having tummy issues. Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune disease could be the Culprit, I have this as well as an underactive Thyroid.

If your GP will not test all of the above medi checks or blue horizon offer private blood testing for thyroid, antibodies, vitamins.

All the symptoms you have mentioned are definitely thyroid related.

Mostly importantly start researching thyroid issues and treatments (if it’s confirmed you have thyroid problems)

GP’s are too quick to blame it on something else, stress etc and fob you off with anti depressants.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for both replying and your helpful advice.

I'm in a bit if a quandary because one the one hand I would like some clear answers to what is wrong with me but on the other I don't want to be a pain to the Drs (silly I know 🙄) I'm also worried about how I go on if they still say I'm in the "normal" range. If I put my results up here and you all say different to what the Drs say how do I go on getting further treatment and results?

It's very frustrating as I KNOW that something is wrong. I know my body but if the Drs still say no nothing is wrong I'm back to square one and not getting any better.

I will post the results as I get them. :)

The alternative is self medicating many are forced to do it.

However, wait until you have your blood results.

By going it alone you will be responsible for increasing your dosage, ordering it (without a prescription) and monitoring your symptoms.

Self medicating is either with NDT, T3 or T4.

Best wishes


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