Prescription for nature

We all know that walking in the nature reduces stress, but recently it has been suggested that the chemicals trees and plants produce fight off insects can strengthen our immune system. Over here in Finland they predict that in the future you might get a prescription for nature as we have become so estranged to nature.

I have the privilege to live very close to nature and I do walk in the forest relatively often, its mentally very empowering, and I simply enjoy it.

They are also investigating plants and berries growing on swamps as it has been suggested they contain something that could help to develop new drugs to fight cancer, diabetes and other illnesses.

Over here in north rate of colon cancer is low and they just discovered that in mice cloudberries slowed down the cancer and prevented it to spread. Well mice are mice, but the gene mutation causing colon cancer is the same. All in all the amount of berries we eat up here north is high enough to provide necessary antioxidants and ellagitannins to prevent cancer and oxidative stress. Berries, especially cloudberries are also probiotic as the bacteria on swamps is so versatile.

Ellagitannins are found from many berries, it resist heat very well so jam made of berries contain ellagitannins as well

Blueberries are known to prevent diabetes, heart diseases and belly fat

Well what if one is not able just to go and enjoy the nature ? Maybe this could be helpful for those who are bedridden our housebound

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Thanks for your helpful information. It sounds lovely - walking in the forest.

Fascinating! I used to live near woodland and frequently went walking there, sometimes for hours at a time, but then my thyroid decided to put a stop to that :(

Now I live near the coast and on a good day I really enjoy beach walks along the water's edge. I do miss the woodland walks though.

I've heard of cloudberries and like the sound of them, but no idea whether they are grown in the UK.

Unfortunately they only grow in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada. It's ridiculously expensive berry. I have the privilege to pick them from swamp on my dad's land. Picked 100 kilos last summer.

Many beauty companies buy it half raw as it's widely used in that industry. Japanese buy it to make medication. Bad thing is that it's picked raw and only seeds are used. Some years we do not get any cloudberries as it's very sensitive to weather.

Fortunately it's not the only healthy berry. One just have to berries often to get the health benefits!

All berries can be bought as powder, rosehip, cloudberry and buckwheat are my favourite as they contain quite a lot vitamin C. If my freezer is empty I buy powder instead frozen berries from grocery store as for example berries that come from Poland are often contaminated with hepatitis or norovirus. Eww.

So any berry is healthier than no berries :D

You are so right about people being 'have become so estranged to nature' and I really like the 'prescription for nature' idea. There are so many living in towns and cities that rarely see anything other than bricks, tarmac and concrete etc. And of course along with that is the awful traffic pollution :( Some places have 'city farms', so that people can discover farm animals to learn about where their supermarket eggs, dairy and meat come from. And of course there are often green spaces such as parks. In some cities they have community allotments for people to learn about growing food themselves. There is also a move towards making wheelchair friendly walks in the countryside.

Yeah they say that we are dependent on the nature and during our history we have benefited from the immune boost we get from nature. Now that we are so estranged we have less ammos to fight off illnesses.

I truly believe so.

Those city farms are better than nothing. It's natural environment for human being. Plus kids need to see the reality , over here in finland they do not necessarily recognise a cow if they see one let alone understand where the milk comes from !

I just looked up Ellagitannins and see amongst others, that strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are all rich in these phytochemicals. Well I don't need any encouragement to eat more of these berries! Of course the bad bit is when you add ice cream to the mix :D

:D well at least you eat berries!!!

I eat all berries raw. Even the most sour ones as I have gotten used to it.

Yes I love berries and always eat them raw without any sweetener. Sometimes top with natural yogurt but my OH had the bright idea one day to add vanilla ice cream (as well as yogurt). It's quite delicious... hard to resist :D

Well sometimes we deserve a treat ;)

I sometimes eat a bit vanilla ice cream with fruits!

Be aware that ?trigycerides in Ice Cream are unusually from Pork Fat - yuk. Just discovered this week that New Forest ice cream has a plant source in theirs

Yours does sound an ideal life style! l was drawn to read as you mention 'chemicals' the dread of modern life often. On TV Vet prog this week: Cats with diabetes are getting more Pituitary tumours (1 in 4) and this is due to the chemicals forced upon us in the home. Charities for example are not allowed to sell furniture without a 'fire label'. Does everyone know this means fabric has been soaked in chemicals - likely by evil Monsanto - to hold a fire accident back by about 10 seconds. This also applies to Carpets and likely curtains and computers. It is making our Pets ill as well as us. And families with Autistic children must avoid all these chemicals (ep in kids night clothes) and take extra care with food.

!!! So true! These days I avoid new furniture like a plague and I rather buy them used from someone I know so it isn't rotten either.

Same goes for these Gore tex, galutex etc. Yes it's nice to have wind proof jacket but the heat your body generates starts to dissolve chemical from these materials! I have gotten rid of all and I had a lot of water and wind proof clothing.

I avoid any clothing new as it's soaked in chemicals. I often shop at flea market as you can get clothes nearly unused but someone else has already washed them couple of times.

My cats have glass /steel cups for water and food. Nothing plastic. I do not buy them toys that are soaked in chemicals.

Interesting, not thought as far as GoreTex tho dont have any. Bought 2nd hand reefer jacket last year looking as new from CatShop and its 'all wool' - never had warmer coat in recent years. Do have concerns as to how Sheep are treated these days in some countries; Oz had bad reports recently. My Cat has porcelain or SS dishes. Did you read on here one lady was affected by aluminium outer to slow cooker that permeated the crockpot. l made sure my new one was SSteel

Yeah I have read about the aluminium stuff. It scared me as I used to use tin foil a lot. Especially if you have metallic container and you put tin foil to cover warm food. NOT good at all. So now I use glass plates as a lid.

I have induction stove so have thrown away all pots and pans containing any aluminium before I knew it can be that harmful.

I avoid all aluminium containing drugs too like Rennie etc.

It's slightly disheartening to be surrounded all chemicals. Fortunately I live in old wooden house that is healthy otherwise. So no plastic and stuff used late 50's this house was build.

You are ahead of me - didnt know Rennie had aluminium but then its in deodorants etc and that sodium laureate something in most toothpaste. l knew A.foil was controversial for about 30 yrs and rarely use it; l use a Halogen cooker with pyrex bowl mostly and sometimes need to cover for a short while - and picked up a bought quiche container. Blumming aluminium yet again. l have found here if we buy a 'crustless' quiche in Morrisons that comes in baking paper.

l keep asking Pet Food Manuf what is in it, but many wont anwer stating 'competition' makes it secret. Classic CAt is family firm here and tells me no cereals, no soya and only Meat - mainly what humans dont want like offal.But she wont eat it. l am wary of dried Cat food as unnatural but vet has put mine on it for 'sensitive stomach' but the lovely healer Lady known internationally is totally against it and recommends a raw food diet which Vet disagrees. In olden days our Cats came with raw food diet. l trust and like both. So using dry for a while.

Yeah its amazing that we know cats are pure meat lovers and they need all amino acid and protein from organs, meat and bones. Yet most cat food is 10 % protein and 90% vegetables and grains.

Numbers should be other way around!

My cats have the privilege to be outdoors and hunt. Otherwise I try to give them raw food with dry food. I have found some great raw food for cats but unfortunately my cats cannot digest the tapioca starch added to sauce of it. They eat it and throw up immediately.

My oldest cats are 14 years old siblings and young one is a baby of the other one. My old cats are relatively healthy or very healthy , never had any illnesses ,and in good shape. I think that's down to a fact they can hunt.

But the baby cat had ovarian cysts , she was sterilised when she was 10 months and ovaries and uterus was ill. Momma cat ate poor food during pregnancy and that's partially my fault as I didn't understand that normal cat food might not be good for pregnant cat!

Baby C was getting sterilised anyway but she had been in pain and agony for a while :(

My girl is from rescue and a dedicated Hunter - but doesnt eat it just wants to play/torture. Had her 4 years and often was sick weekly in summer but now its winter too. She was ignored as kitty and either dumped or they moved and left her so she went into others' cat flaps, very sensibly. She has just sicked up all dried this morning after 2 weeks and is nagging me silly. Wanted to make her wait but she wont; thinking of trying little bit tuna in spring water

My other old lady oftem throws up dry food as she doesn't drink enough water. She is the only one out of three that is poor at drinking water. She is also the only one with long fur so I have to feed her food that should break down fur balls.

Cats are not good at drinking water as in the nature they get necessary liquid from food.

But wouldn't be a surprise if your cat were just sensitive to dry food. They contain vitamins and iodine that can irritate the gut same way than for humans if in wrong form!

OK - surprisingly since on dry l have seen her drinking and have to re-fill water bowl daily. She is short hair but did chew and pull tufts out - due to blocked bowel Vet found. They pull lumps hair out when in pain - like a horse with colic flicking at its flanks. Will just have to persevere and try things.Canned cat food = 80% moisture ie water l believe. Thanks all your interesting comments

Yeah , it's trial and error trying to figure out what can cause the reaction as dry food can contain so many different things. Or maybe dry food just irritates her gut and no dry food is suitable no more.

I have tried to offer dry food soaked in water but no one eats it. Only if I add oil! But can't always do that either.

Not tried soaking or oil; l know some do for dogs She was sick before on Sheba or Gourmet sachets which she loved - but also as l pointed out to Classic Cat (who listen - made by Butchers) these sachets are 'Foil' packs. lf Foil is not good for us it wont be for our Pets either!

I agree! My cats rarely like Sheba or anything in foil packs like that.

Even my baby cat ,who otherwise eats everything ,skips those food. Baby cat eats even potatoes and carrots lol. She also steal food, cakes, cookies, ice cream. Everything.

One xmas she ate gingerbread cookies I had left on the counter. She had nasty diarrhoea.

I have spoiled her :( but I was there when she was born and she was very tiny and was not sure if she would survive.

PS Chloe so far is ok on a dessert-spoon Tuna in spring water and now gone out. Vet suggested feeding her 5x day, which could help your older girl.

Thoroughly enjoyed the recent Norwegian "Slow TV" featuring a Sami family moving their reindeer herd for Summer grazing.

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