Nature Throid without prescription shipping to France?

Title says it all guys. My friend's mother really needs it, and so far she used to go on an online shop located in the Vanuatu islands, and they recently stopped shipping to France. PM only. Thanks a looooot!

EDIT : As desiccated thyroid is illegal in France, it is getting harder to get it. I've been looking for some options like proxy shipping, but it looks really expensive. If you have any other workaround, I'm all ears.

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  • Desiccated thyroid is illegal in France. Any packages identified could very well be impounded.

    Therefore, you are unlikely to find any company willing to send it there. They could end up with customers complaining they have not received the desiccated thyroid even if it had been sent in good faith.

    I don't know how you can get around this.

  • Shocking that NDT is illegal in France. Never heard that before. Just makes me wonder when the same will apply here hugolalouve.

  • greygoose has more than once posted the story of why it is illegal. Perhaps you can find it?


    I don't think it will become illegal in the UK. Not the same circumstances. :)

  • Relief to know grey goose, thank you

  • You're welcome. :)

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