Shall I fast please?

Hi again

I'm redoing my private bloods as the prick test was inconclusiv e and this time I'm going to the clinic to have iblood taken

I'm having tsh antibodies. Vitamins. 3 and 4and the frees

Should I fast until blood test, as no early appoint,nets available, And will it affect tsh too much as read it's to be done early in day?

Thanks a lot , sorry I know it's basic stuff!



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  • Jeppy,

    TSH is highest early in the morning and drops after eating and drinking which is why an early morning fasting test is recommended.

    This graph in the link shows how TSH levels fluctuate throughout the day

  • ThNkyou clutter

    I have set up a book to write down all the relevant facts that I'm reading on this wonderful site, as harder to retain at the moment ( prob good thought for all newbies with the basics )

    And please can you explain on another post what is actually meant by 'the bio chemistry may take a few months '


  • Also. As I feel breathless sometimes is this evidence the heart is now enlarged


  • Jeppy,

    No. Breathlessness is common when thyroid levels are low and when some vitamins and minerals are low.

  • Jeppy,

    Do you mean "Symptoms may lag behind good biochemistry by several months."?

    If so, I mean that even when your blood levels are good it can take several months for symptoms to resolve although they should be improving all the time.

  • Yes, thanks for explaining, that's good

    Please may you comment on ion heart enlargemeant, as may as well have the facts,

    Lastly, I could upgrade this blood test if it's advisable, I'm down to have tsh t3 and t4 and the frees, vitamins, and antibodies

    I may as well do it if advisable at this stage


  • Jeppy,

    I don't know anything about heart enlargement.

    TSH, FT4, FT3, thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies, ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are recommended tests.

  • I just wondered if selenium is important as read somewhere that the ft3 needs it!?

    And can this be tested by the lab I wonder


  • Jeppy,

    A lot of members supplement 200mcg selenium with a zinc supplement to support thyroid. Some labs will test selenium. I don't think it is essential to test before supplementing.

  • Ok, thankyou

    ( I was under impression it is one that you can over do,

    And do you take it because it helps you to absorb?

    What about q10 or Ubiq (the stronger version ) to help absorption, do you recommend also

    As I aks this i am wondering if this could be the base of any problem, 'absorbtion'

  • Jeppy,

    You can over do anything if you take too much but 200mcg is thought to be a safe daily dose for selenium.

    It is taken to support thyroid function. I'm not aware it aids absorption of Levothyroxine.

    I don't know anything about Q10 or Ubiq. Feel free to post a new question about it.

  • Thanks a lot clutter

  • Bit of a minfield for sure, especially if adrenals a bit burned out,

    Ive seen keniesiology who tested that I've got some leaky gut going on, so in process of healing that at the moment as the tests also showed that I wasn't 'absorbing' As he said, do t waste your money trying to take the supplements until you are absorbing, So therefore I need to heal gut to get the best from what I take


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