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Hello, this may seem like a daft question, so apologies in advance! I like to put my Levo into a pill box by the side of my bed, because I take them quite early in the morning, and it's quite easy to forget if I've taken it or not (the pill box gives me a visual reminder)! The packaging says Levo should be stored in its original packaging, and I wasn't sure whether that was just a safety thing (ie not getting medicines confused), or whether perhaps it degrades if taken out of its protective packaging. So, I've been cutting my foil pill packaging up into individual sections and putting them in the pill box still wrapped. Of course, that means faffing around trying to release the pill from the packaging in the dark, so it would be much easier if I could just pop them out of the packaging and store them direct in my pill box! Would that be OK, or do they degrade when exposed to light/air?! Told you it was a silly question *blushes*

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I take mine early morning too. I have a little tray on my bedside cupboard which I put a glass of water on. I leave my packet of Levo in the cupboard and take out one when I go to bed and put it on the tray next to the water. Everything ready for when I need it a few hours later. There's no warning about it degrading and I believe there would be if it did happen (I have an inhaler uses capsules, each individual capsule is sealed within a foil strip, and that gives a warning about not taking it out of the foil until you are going to use it).

Levothyroxine is affected by (at least) light, humidity and heat. That is why you should store it in its original packaging (that is, in the blisters). However, it does take time to deteriorate.

What we cannot know is quite how much deterioration takes place - even if we know the conditions exactly (which we don't). I suggest that if your room is dry, cool (not hot) and not in bright light, it will have little impact over a few hours. I could be wrong!

Can't imagine it detonating in your tub. Fumbling with opening tin foil doesn't sound easy

What an interesting thought ...

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