Low b 12

Iv got m.e.an dilated cardiomyopathy so both make me weak,but was managing OK to Jan wen I got teeth out then I low iron low b12,an low vitamn d,also liw foilac acid,I had to go private Doctr no getn much help fae doctrs at all,an I'm so weak all time Cana do anything,unless I force myself,an it makes me worse, mostly in bed as I'm so weak,can't take this,any advice

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Yes foliacacid 5 mg,ferrous fumarate 210mgs an cholecalciferol 800 iu 4vitmn d,they jst told me to take 3 iron pills a day lately,I takke vitmn b12 spray an multivitmns I buy,an jst had 6loadn dose b12 jags due next one on weds,nevr been so ill

I don't vitmn d level,but IV changed surgery,I'm goin to ask to retake vitmn d level,IV went privately an had blds did,but he didna do vtmn d,irons at39.4,12_300,15_7,14_39,don't no wat that means,b12,1616.0,211_900

It's 200iu ,2 pills a day I take so no even 800i u a day

Theyr saying my iroon lvs 14,but shud b 15,an my b12 upfilic acids OK,but IV no antibodies, think platelets r low but I'm no sure,an theyr sayn I shudna b as weak but I am an IV read a lot of people r same as me,I'm also on metformin but Cana cum of it cause of my heart

It's on

I'm realy worried I have no antibodies,do u no anything about that,they say I'm absorbing also but I get awful smely wind an farts an bloated

Forgot to say b12 jags dint help Mme at al

Thanks 4 advice,doctrs r no help tel me nothn,I'm hsvinn to do all digin my self,my life's no worth living at moment,as I'm so I'll,they won't evn send me to hematologist,jst wondering if I can c 1privately

I found it took me about 6 months to fully get the vitamins etc up to scratch. It I did feel improvements along the way so it may take you a while to feel better. Don't give up!

Thanks Simone else sahs I'm bein under treated as shud b on higher dose vitmn das I'm only on 800iu for it

Hi please don't give up. My Vit D level was 20 when I started last year. It is now 39 and I have just upped my dose to increase it faster. You will feel better when your sorted out. Good Luck.

I'm getn no help fae any doctrs or Hospt,even went private no much help,did blds but didna retest vit d,I honestly FL like I'm dying as kp getn worse,and wo4ied it l end up affecting my heart,even loadin dose of b 12 hasn't helped,any advice pls

Hi I am now taking 3000 per day because it has taken me 9 months to just increase by 19 taking 1000 and then 2000 per day. Some on here take huge amounts to increase quickly to optimal levels it's up to you really. I just take Vit d 3 tablets with K2 which helps. The K2 I take is fermented soya called Netto.

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