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Euthyroid from graves disease but still got symptoms

Hi everything I'm new here been diagnosed with graves last year in June was on carbimazole for 4 to 5 weeks then end of august my endo stopped my medication saying my results are in the normal range since then I'm not on any medication the problem is my symptoms got better but they never went away completely I still get really tired gritty eye pain in my thyroid bcs I had goiter hair loss again aches and pains going g to my GP every week is not helping g either bcs they says they not specialist and endo discharged me in December last year saying I'm euthyroid now even I was complaining abt symptoms pls can anyone give any advice what should I do bcs now I'm getting pain in my other side of thyroid getting belching issue alot now my latest TSH result is 1.57 and my antibodies were 55 range is up to 50 I don't understand this either any help or advice pls thanks ........samy

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Do you have any of your free T4 or free T3 results and ranges?

Some dr's use TSH to determine thyroid health, which is a ridiculous assumption to make!


Hi sammy3 when was that tsh test done? Was it the last test done when endo discharged you or is it a new one was you really only on carbimazole for a few weeks have I read that right cause that doesn't seem right usually they Keep you on it for a few months. Have you been back to gp and asked to be referred back to endo as you could be relapsing. It's not uncommon to relapse and have to go back on carbimazole, I'm surprised your endo discharged so quickly would suggest you ask to be referred to different endo one that is a bit more understanding and knows what they are doing. you really need to have at least your t4 tested as well as tsh to see if your levels are over range.a s for your eyes if you have graves you can have thyroid eye desease and this should be checked out they should at least give you eye drops to help with gritty feeling this usually due to eyes being dry.


Thanks a lot for ur replies tsh has been done last week which is 1.57 range is 0.27 to 4.2 and last t4 and t3 were t4 was 15.7 range is 12to 22 and t3 first time they tested was 4.6 range is 2 to 6.2 and yes I was on carbimazole for only 6 weeks then stopped completely and my very first results were TSH 0.02 range was 0.2 to 4.2 and t4 was 52.7 range 12to 22


Are they sure you had Graves and not Hashimotos (you can have both) - it depends which antibodies they tested and what the results were? Hashis can make you hyper for a short amount of time and then you'll start to go hypo. Although your results are pretty normal, your FT3 and Ft4 are quite low in range.

You also need to get B12, D3, ferritin and folate checked as non-optimal levels can give you symptoms simiar to thyroid problems

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Hi angel thanks for reply they tested TRAB antibodies which were positive and last month my GP tested TPO which were slightly elevated 55 range is 0.50 so both were positive and I agree with u that I might have mixture of both graves and hashi bcs I get hot and cold gritty eyes aches and pain I'm neither losing not gaining weight ...its just stuck at one point lol...weak and tired ..I have to eat regularly otherwise I get dizzy and woozy etc don't know what to do bcs GP does nt understand anything


I'm taking all the vitamins d3 bcomplex multivitamin s folic acid and now I'm going to start taking l carntine too


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