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help my gp won't consider anything but reducing levo

Hi, just been to see my gp to discuss previous blood test.

tsh suppressed and t4 is about 32 range 10 - 24. they want me to reduce t4, which i did, and have done before but i get symptoms straight away. she suggested i see endo, but have seen her before, waste of time she just drew diagrams of thyroid. does anyone know of a sympathetic gp in my area, or an endicrinologist, i can't really afford to go private at the moment. i am just going to continue getting my prescriptions at the reduced dose, but take what i was taking before. maybe they won't notice. any suggestions gratefully received.

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You are over medicated to have FT4 so much over range. I think all GPs and endocrinologists are likely to want you to reduce dose.


but if i reduce it, i get symptoms extremely severely, so what else can i do?


I'd get a FT3 test to see if you are converting levothyroxine. That's the purpose of levo (T4 inactive) to T3 (active).


tallulah100 I had exactly the same, my FT4 got up to 30 with a suppressed TSH. My then GP allowed this because she was 'sympathetic' to my symptoms. Then she retired.

New GP freaked at suppressed TSH but by then my FT4 was just within range as I'd reduced my Levo slightly. But she wasn't concerned about FT4 (and FT3) being in range, she is TSH obsessed.

So rather than fight a losing battle, this is when I came to this forum, read about optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, adrenals, etc, and set about testing. I discovered that most of my vitamins and minerals were deficient (only B12 anything like reasonable) and a problem with adrenals and sex hormones, plus rather poor T4:T3 conversion.

After addressing all those problems I now realise that pumping more and more Levo into me (200mcg at one time) which resulted in FT4 of 30, but still very symptomatic, was not the answer, it was just making things worse.

So my suggestion would be as a first step test (if not already done)

Vit D




Then post the results on the forum for comment.

It would also be a good idea to have full thyroid tests to include




Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

Thyroglobulin antibodies

All these tests will give a full picture of what is going on.

You are unlikely to get them all done through your GP, especially FT3 and Thyroglobulin antibodies. So if you can find £99 your best bet is to do a private fingerprick test at home which includes everything.

If you can manage a bit more, although a venous blood draw would be needed, then including reverse T3 could be a good idea as your FT4 is so high you might be making rT3 and not enough FT3.

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thank you, i did start taking b vits and this made me feel a bit better. i will try and get these test done and go from there,


When you've got all the results, make a new thread and post results together with reference ranges and members can comment and offer guidance :)


hi thanks i will do am arranging tests now


Just a thought about when you have the blood draw in relation to taking your pill. You should not take it less than twelve hours before and in your circumstance you may want to give it 24 hours.


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