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Fur Coat no Knickers - Signed Copies

Fur Coat no Knickers - Signed Copies

We are very excited to announce C.B. Martin has kindly donated signed copies of her #1 Bestseller ‘Fur Coat No Knickers’ to Thyroid UK!

Hurtling through her thirties, Tara is still yet to find her perfect man, despite gruelling efforts to transform herself into the perfect woman. Tara's prayers appear to have been answered when she miraculously falls into the arms of Travis Coleman - the famed, silver-tongued sex demon.

It would seem the years of curling, plucking, painting and waxing may have finally paid off...

However, Tara's fairy-tale soon spirals out of control when Travis inexplicably ceases all contact with her.

Distraught and desperately stumbling from one crisis to another, Tara ultimately loses her mind, her dignity and - shamefully - her knickers.

Fur Coat No Knickers is a hilarious, touching and outrageous tale; bound to relate to any woman who has ever feared becoming nothing more than a booty call.

£6.99 plus £3.00 p&p – all proceeds to Thyroid UK

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C'mon now - worth having this in your bookshelves just for the spine ;)

C.B. what a beautiful woman. Top donation missus x

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Lovely lady! Dropped them off in person to the office x

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