TSH Level 0.8 / worth doing blood test to get full analysis?


this is my first post and I am not sure about rules etc. but I hope this ok to post.

I had a blood test last year and my TSH level was 0.7. The blood test was done because I had some symptoms (fatigue, muscle weakness

, mood swings, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, skin dryness, trouble sleeping, increased frequency of bowel movements, irregular periods).

As tests all in normal range I was told that I am probably just a bit depressed and that was that. Now in the last couple of months, I developed a goitre. The doctor felt it and said yes that's a thing and more blood tests were done and the TSH came back as 0.8 (blood test last year was done very early in the morning, blood test two weeks ago was done at 11am - not sure if this has an impact). No other thyroid tests were done as TSH is normal. Doctor says as I am not losing weight (I am actively trying to lose weight with SW and struggling to do so despite being on plan, ever so slow for me), there is no indication that this is a thyroid issue and hence no more tests apart from the goitre ultrasound in May.

Long story short: Is it worth getting private full thyroid check up done?

Thanks for any info

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  • Hi Melsa it is probably worth you posting all the blood tests you have had done, with the ranges, someone on here will be able to advise you better then.

  • I am not quite sure what you mean. The NHS full blood count only measures TSH and nothing else the reference range for the NHS is I believe 0.5 to 4.5, on which I measured 0.7 once and 0.8 the second time.

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