The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino

This has been posted before, several times probably, but I think it is one of the most helpful articles I've read describing how chronic illness depletes your energy and ability to live life the way you used to and, the importance of pacing yourself to manage daily activities.

It may be helpful to show friends and family who, although supportive, may not understand how your illness impacts on your ability to work and socialise.

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  • It's also a good reminder for us to remember to take it easy on ourselves, go at a steady pace and not try to use up all our spoons at once! I'm not very good at that :D

  • Carolyn, I should stop hoarding spoons and use them. I don't do enough!

  • Sometimes it's ok to save them for later :D

  • .... that made me laugh out loud :D

  • Thank you for the reminder - so good. I didn't have enough spoons today :-( Tomorrow will be better....

  • I seem to have lost quite a few over the past 5 years! xx

  • :-) xx

  • I showed this to my daughter and she said it would be perfect to explain her Hashi's to her college friends.

  • Asmile4u, she might like "I am Hashimoto's" too survivinghashimotos.blogspo...

  • Thanks Clutter. She just thought the spoon theory would be a way for them to visually understand.

  • "I wanted something for her to actually hold, for me to then take away, since most people who get sick feel a “loss” of a life they once knew. "

    Very poignant.

  • Emjaytee, it is, and very clever to have come up the spoons analogy.

  • It's how I feel every day , made me emotional but thanks clutter I will use this to explain to my children .'s so true

  • Lola, I hope it helps xx

  • Brilliant !

  • Thanks clutter I am about to start an appeal to tribunal as the dwp have awarded me zero points for our, despite my m.e meaning I spend 50% of day in bed, and I have been thinking hard how to explain how every action has consequences, every choice is between one action or another. For example do I ask my partner to pass me the glass on the table or do I stretch over and use my precious energy on that, rather than say giving my nine year old a hug. The spoon theory is a fab tangible explanation of how I've been trying to explain my m.e to idiots in my own head! Ahhhhh

  • Thanks so much for that clutter. It's a really good say to explain to family and friends how things work when living with hormone deficencies that have such an impact on how you can live your life but to everyone else are pretty much invisible,

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