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Dr. stopping my T3 Only prescription and forcing a referral to endocrinologist!

I recently returned to my US Dr for a thorough hormone check. However, a thyroid panel was also done despite the fact, I took my T3 medicine before blood was drawn. Once again, T3 spiked and raised Dr concern about too much T3 and suppressed TSH.

I explained to Dr that T3 test was erroneous as I took medicine before test. However, Dr argued a suppressed TSH will directly affect fertility as a TSH but must apprx 1.5-2 as we had discussed possible infertility. Fertility is not my major concern, however. I explained my T3 is within range thus not overmedicated as proven by last month's thyroid panel.

Then, her argument that a suppressed TSH will cause many problems especially osteoporosis.

Finally, after visit Dr wrote me to advise of discontinuation of T3 prescription and referral to Endocrinologist. I was referred to 2. First, Endo declined outright any support for T3 only treatment. I was declined to be a patient. I have left a message for 2nd Endo.

I respectfully explained my situation of being very sick on T4 as I do not convert. I explained I am great now with no adverse signs of T3 treatment and I am within range of T3 so why cannot I find a Dr to support my treatment?

Dr explained T3 confirmed by Endo Society to cause Atrial fibrillation, strokes, unpredictable heart papiltations, etc. I told him I had none of the sort, but I do not wish to compromise my health but I felt the best on T3. He said he could not help me.

The irony is my Mother is who has always been on T4 synthroid treatment-now has both osteoporosis and atrial fibrillation!!!

Isn't the Hashimotos that causes all these problems and not necessarily the medicines?

I am back to the viscious cycle of finding a Dr to support me. Mind you, I am fine now verified per blood tests, but I do not want to damage my health as lead to believe by all these Drs!

I will also need a prescription as sourcing T3 now in the US may be much more challenging then in Europe.

Please give me your opinions!!!!

I have requested a bone density test as Drs have done a great job scaring me that T3 will lead to my health demise.

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My opinion of the doctors' opinions is that they speak with forked tongues.

I am on T3 only, my heart is still and calm. I feel well, energetic and no clinical symptoms.

Whereas on levothyroxine I had awful palpitations, I have had to call the ambulance from work, from home, from the airport. I have had investigations, ECGs etc Consultations with cardiologists. That must cost a lot of wasted money.

These people are supposed to be learned and knowledgeable so why do they spread untrue rumour? It is beyond me.

People who are also thyroid hormone resistant cannot recover on anything but T3 only.


Maybe they should read the following. Nowadays they don't treat the patient but the blood test.



This is an article from PubMed : suppressed TSH secondary to thyroxine replacement therapy is not associated with osteoporosis healthunlocked.com/api/redi...


From my understanding TSH itself has no effect on bones or heart. It's the amount of T3 and T4 that "could" cause issues, still seems like old nonsensical outdated false jargon... either way the TSH has nothing to do with anything, if your FT4 and FT3 results are within range then you're no more "at risk" than a healthy individual! Forget TSH


I found out I have osteopenia after a bone density scan,which is not as bad as osteoporosis,but still low bone density.The endo said this could be caused by the suppression of my TSH level,which could also harm my heart.

I came right back with "my Mum has osteoporosis and my sister osteopenia, and neither take thyroid hormones",so she agreed that in my case it was genetic.I also told her that it was the thyroxine that was giving me palpitations,which happened when I stopped the T3 and had more thyroxine. Thankfully that is better now I am back on T3.

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I thank you all so much for you invaluable opinions! I went to a Physician Assistant who I was told might give me a T3 prescription, nope too complicated for her. Here, I go again referred now to yet another Endocriniologist.

I called the Endocrinologist's office to inquire as to if they support T3 only usage? I also inquired about their thoughts on a suppressed TSH? A call back is inpected on Monday. They must be a Dr that will support a suppressed TSH? Am I fighting a lost cause? Should I stop trying to prove my case and just self-medicate and not worry about the TSH?

Please advise as to how everyone deals with this? It looks almost impossible to get a Dr prescription for T3 only as my TSH is suppressed. Anyone reduce dosage just to get a prescription?? Aghhhhhhh😨


I think it might be easier to see a naturopath or integrative doctor if you want to be prescribed t3 only.

Just read one of your older posts. Sorry. I don't know any doctor inclined to prescribe 187.5 mcg of T3.


Did you get sorted?

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Interesting reading about TSH interpretation.



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