Something's off.. Hypo or hyper?!

Been doing fab!! Feeling amazing had a great summer, been working out. Ran a 10k & completed this years tough mudder. In the past month I'm feeling off, fatigue, brain fog, gained weight, anxiety!! All horrible.. I'm on 175mcgs levo, my bloods were t4 19 tsh 0.20 lab ranges are t4 10-25 & 0.30-3.30. I know something off but I duno what. I haven't had bloods done in so long so when most of this year when I felt good I don't know where my t4 sat, I have that horrible "scared" feeling I get when something's off. Help!!!

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  • How are your levels of Iron - Ferritin - Folate - VitD - B12 ? All need to be optimal for you to feel good - rather than bumping along the bottom of the range. What is your FT3 ? Maybe you are not converting well - especially if the aforementioned are low....

  • I convert well, not sure about minerals my drs are useless

  • What is your T3 level ? Couldn't see it in the above results.... Could you have the vitamins and minerals tested privately if your Docs do not oblige.... ?

    RFU has a point - you may hve overdone things this summer. Sounds impressive but when Hypo it is best not to overtax the body I have read. Says me who took two yoga classes this morning :-)

  • I would suggest you have done too much and depleted your entire vitamin,mineral and ferritin levels

  • I thought maybe cause the winter I needed an increase

  • Carrie, a lot of people need a slightly higher dose in winter and reduce slightly in the summer. Your TSH looks good but your FT4 could be higher and, as mentioned above, they don't tell you whether you are converting to T3 well. You can order a FT3 test from Blue Horizon or Genova via

  • You may have worn out your Adrenals, while enjoying yourself over the summer ;-) If doc won't test that sort of thing, easy enough to get hold of a good quality supplement. It will do no harm and may do much good.

    Thyroidees have difficulty keeping vits and mins in good order - a good quality multi-vitamin may help too.

  • Thanks! Where can I get them?

  • Adrenal supplements don't turn up in a lot of actual shops. Amazon do lots of this sort of thing. They have Adrenal supplements for vegetarians as well as raw Adrenal extract.

    As for multi-vitamins - Centrum? Boots own? It needs to contain at least Vits B12, C and D3; zinc, selenium, magnesium; ferritin and folate. Actually a multi-vit might not include folate. But it's easy to get as a single supplement - look in the pregnant woman section of supplements in Boots.

  • Could you suggest which adrenal supplement? Having read these posts I'm recognising some things about my own health....adrenal supplements are new to me. I currently just take extra vit & mineral support. Thank you.

  • I hesitate to suggest a specific one. Some are raw adrenal gland (in pill form, of course) which won't be attractive to vegetarians. Then there are formulations without actual tissue, which are specially for vegetarians. A good range of both are shown on Amazon - try there for starters?

  • Dr doesn't test T3. Had it done once and I convert etc normally

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