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Results- Subclinical or Hypo?

I have had my thyroid checked as part of a full blood test before IVF. Results: TSH 10.6 FT4 10.6

I am symptomatic despite my consultant stating these results wouldn't be causing my fatigue.

My symptoms include: exhaustion, feeling constantly cold, swollen ankles, occasional blue/tingly feet, dry skin, long menstrual cycles, painful, long periods, irritability, hair loss at the front on my head, flakey scalp, brain fog, morning dizziness, feeling hungover every morning (don't drink), constant tinnitus, cold hands, poor memory (forget what I'm saying as I'm saying it), zero motivation, weepiness, catching a cold every month, arm weakness (when doing my hair for example), hand cramps, muscle aches, joint pain, infertility, late ovulation, roll neck jumpers make me feel like I'm being strangled (I used to wear them all winter)... There's more but I can't remember them right now (standard lately)

ive had symptoms for years but over the past few months I have declined rapidly. I'm struggling with day to day life.

My fertility consultant has written to say they'll test me again in 6months. I can't live like this for six more months! I assume he still thinks I'm going to do ivf in March- I daren't with results like that. My body doesn't feel right.

Friends and family keep telling me I'm 'stressed'. And to not 'stress'. It's not that I have more stress than usual, it's that I'm struggling to manage the stress- which I used to be excellent at!

I have a GP apt on Friday, what do I need to say to be taken seriously?

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Your results clearly show you are hypo under the reference range my GP uses. Do you know the one this lab used? If so, it is frightening that you have been allowed to reach this state. Has your GP seen these results? If I were you I would make an urgent appointment to discuss with the best GP in your practice. If your thyroid were working properly, it is debatable whether you would need IVF.

Do not listen to unhelpful friends telling you that you are are stressed. Your body just needs the right help. I hope you get this sorted quickly and will soon feel much better.

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I have read on here that the NICE guidelines state that that if trying to conceive you should have TSH of 2 or less. Here is the link


Hope it helps you, good luck with the ivf

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Sorry, TSH ranges are 0.4-4.5 as far as I'm aware. Could be up to 5 though. And FT4 10-24.

Haven't seen GP yet so that's why I'm unsure on exact ranges.

Thank you for the guidelines. I had read about that (have done nothing but read since I got these results, can't do much else I'm so exhausted) I will take them with me. I'm utterly fed up.


Pat1ence, you are hypothyroid and your symptoms are due to hypothyroidism. Overt hypothyroidism is diagnosed when TSH is >10 and FT4 is below range. Technically you are subclinically hypothyroid with TSH over range and FT4 within range and because you are symptomatic you should be treated.

Tell your GP what you said in your post and tell him/her that you are planning IVF and need your TSH in the low-normal range and FT4 up before you can start it. Print off the links below and take them with you.

NICE recommend the TSH of women planning conception should be in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the top 75% of range. Most IVF specialists won't start treatment when TSH is over range because conception is more difficult and the risk of miscarriage is higher. Dose is usually increased by 25-50mcg when pregnancy is confirmed to ensure good foetal development during the first trimester when the foetus is dependant on maternal hormone and it decreases the risk of post partum thyroiditis.



Good luck. Let us know how you get on.


Thank you. I will use all this info.

My paternal Grandmother has Hashimoto's from what I can gather. She doesn't know numbers or even the name of it but she was very poorly in her 20s when her thyroid was hyperactive and is now on a great deal of thyroxine for under active. Or basically not active at all. That sounds like hashi's to me! Every female on my maternal side has issues.

This is bad isn't it?


Update - Dr was quite stern "do you want to be on lifelong medication" until I cried. She has requested bloods be redone in a couple of weeks, including antibodies. No examination or anything which surprised me. Feel deflated. Also requested copies of my bloods from two years ago which shows the beginnings of hypo I think. And iron problems. Will put these in a new post. Thank you all. Will keep you posted.


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