Anyone Else Hashimotos following Interferon Treatment?

Been hypo 11 years since interferon treatment and wondering if anyone else is in the same situation?What treatment / management have you found useful. Do you still have symptoms or other health issues?

In 2006 I started 12 months interferon injections for liver disease but developed Hashimotos, then Sjogrens, Raynauds, arthritis, incontinence, IBS, GERD, Lichen Planus, Lymphoma, POF, migraines, cognitive issues, tinitus and more.

I can't tolerate significant t4, adding t3 avoids cycles of toxicity / crashes but doesn't get me well. DIO2 gene test shows no conversion problem - seems my thyroid hormone requirements can change rapidly and t3s shorter half life gives better control of levels. Can anyone suggest a possible mechanism behind this?

PS I supplement vits /minerals due to confirmed poor absorbtion, costisol test showed high AM dipping low PM but reasonable adaption given chronic ill health

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