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Anyone Else Hashimotos following Interferon Treatment?

Been hypo 11 years since interferon treatment and wondering if anyone else is in the same situation?What treatment / management have you found useful. Do you still have symptoms or other health issues?

In 2006 I started 12 months interferon injections for liver disease but developed Hashimotos, then Sjogrens, Raynauds, arthritis, incontinence, IBS, GERD, Lichen Planus, Lymphoma, POF, migraines, cognitive issues, tinitus and more.

I can't tolerate significant t4, adding t3 avoids cycles of toxicity / crashes but doesn't get me well. DIO2 gene test shows no conversion problem - seems my thyroid hormone requirements can change rapidly and t3s shorter half life gives better control of levels. Can anyone suggest a possible mechanism behind this?

PS I supplement vits /minerals due to confirmed poor absorbtion, costisol test showed high AM dipping low PM but reasonable adaption given chronic ill health

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Hello Major Tom, I'm sorry that your post slipped by without notice. As you know, you have several autoimmune issues going on. There are a few reasons why T3 isn't as stable as you need. You realize that thyroid hormone replacement is not a cure so the autoimmune problem should be addressed. If you look at my posts under my name I summarized some of Izabella Wentz's episodes of The Thyroid Secret which describes more about the autoimmune part of Hashimoto's. She is urging us to find out the root cause of our own condition.

I don't know whether interferon is your cause or the liver disease. Some people have had a virus like Epstein Barre or Mono, leaky gut can cause immune attacks. Deficiencies often ensue and other hormones fail. There are a couple of people on You Tube I have posted often. This one talks about Thyroglobulins. Your T3 receptors are flooded and do not attach. The other explains the complete relationship of the endocrine system.

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