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Symptoms: condition or the treatment!

Hi, been a while since I last posted but it's been a busy 2 years...firstly on my last post...turned out I was pregnant! Didn't know, tests had said negative and I'd gone on holiday with the family and consequently felt rough as! All went great, baby turned 1 last week.

Anyway right now I'm a little confused. Before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I didn't feel unwell. I was tired, always tired but when you have 1 or more kids that's kind of all you can expect to feel...right? So I've been on 75mcg since Dec 14 and bloods are always "fine" and I get the ranges that GPs work within. But now my hair is brittle, skin is dry (to the point I have patches of very irritated rashes), nails are brittle and I get white spots now and again as they grow out. I'm exhausted (but again 4 kids...right?). In the last few months I'm in pain with my joints...right ankle is making me limp, left elbow feels tight, hips occasionally hurt quite suddenly.

Feel like on medication is slowing wearing me through, but before the diagnosis I didn't have any of these problems. But I feel like GP will say "four kids...what do you expect!" She's already refused vit d blood test because "I don't fit the criteria to do such a test"...how does one fit?!

Anyone offer and advice or anyone else think the treatment is probably causing more problems than it's fixing.

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Can you give us your latest test results? Not the whole of the picture but somewhere to start. And your supplements?


I've started taking multivitamins OTC because I felt I needed them, only been about 3 weeks on them and my hair is shinier but nothing much else has changed yet. I'll check the results later today and post, I didn't get a print out of my last bloods.



Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your last thyroid results and ranges and post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated on 75mcg.

You can order a vitD test from City Assays for £28 thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...


Thanks I've posted them in a new conversation x


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