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HELP - unable to shake the symptoms

Hi - I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction please. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with underactive thyroid. I have been on Levothyroxin ever since - about 100mg per day. I go for regular blood tests but am told everything is in order. I feel tired all of the time (always falling asleep by 8-9pm and regular naps at the weekend) and go through regular 'down' periods where I do not feel like doing anything.

I always have a bloated stomach (although that might be gluten sensitivity), brittle nails, I am in a stressful job and when it really gets bad my whole body seems to bloat. I think i have a problem with sugar digestion as well - I have removed as much sugar from my diet as possible.

I now start the day with lemon and hot water and try to eat as healthily and unprocessed as possible. I exercise regularly 3-4 times per week and regularly walk approx 10,000 steps every day. I do not seem to lose the weight.

Just wondered if this was just normal for underactive thyroid.

Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Normal is a very broad range. TSH 0.35 and 5.20 are both normal in a range 0.30 - 5.50 but most will feel better with the lower TSH and dreadful with TSH high in range. Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your recent thyroid results and ranges and post them in a new question for advice. If you have been tested for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate post those results and ranges too.

If you adopt 100% gluten-free diet for a 3-4 weeks and bloating improves you will have confirmed that gluten is an issue. If there is not improvement just resume a normal diet containing gluten and eliminate dairy for a few weeks as that can be another trigger for bloating.


Thank you for your reply. I didnt know about ranges or requesting results. My B12 did come back as a problem - they didnt know if I was absorbing it - but a later test seems to have been better. I didnt know about Ferritin - I will ask for a blood test for this.



Get into the habit of asking your GP receptionist for a copy of your results and ranges. You can post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated which is better than just being in normal range.


its utterly vital you always request copies of your test results ...and start a file as thats onky way to find out why your nit well

very few doctors truly know how to treat thyroid

go back to your gp and request







vit d3

they are all interelated and must all be optimum

be very sure to arrange the blood draw for early morning

fasting and only water to drink and above allnever never take your levo in the previous 24 hours

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Thank you for your advice. I didn't know I could request test results and ranges. I will do this and post. I am so glad I have found this group to help me.


yes doctors do not like u 2 know you are legally entitled to results

when u get them post the details inc ref ranges and it easy 4 us to help


Unless your FT3 is optimal, I would give up the exercise, if I were you. It could be blocking your weight loss by using up all your T3, which you cannot easily replace. It's low T3 that makes you put on weight.


Thank you so much Grey Goose. I had heard that could be a reason.


You're welcome. :)


Do you know if you have been tested for high Thyroid antibodies? There are two sorts - TPO & TG. If either, or both are high above range then this means the cause of your thyroid issue is autoimmune- called Hashimotos. Most common reason in western world for being hypo

GP / medics don't really recognise the significance- they just replace the missing Thyroid hormones with Levo

But if you have high antibodies then to feel better you need to try to get these lower. Hashimotos is caused by, or causes leaky gut, often lowering absorption of nutrients &/or causing low stomach acid leading to low B12/folate. Food intolerances are common - most usually gluten

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website for advice on diet & lifestyle

Candida is common as well - this is yeast infection in gut - causing sugar cravings - more info on Thyroid Pharmacist too

Also Amy Myers & Chris Kresser run good websites


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