My Dr agreed with me!!!

I'm actually in shock, just spoke to my GP who is very old school and he said he agrees with everything I've said about my Thyroid and he does not want me self treating as he wants to monitor me closely and keep an eye on me.

He's writing me a prescription to start with of 25mg Levo to see how it goes and then he will see me in one month to review/increase!

He was so lovely, he said that I could have some side effects like palpitations/weight loss but he said overall I should hopefully start to feel a bit better and he'd much rather know what I'm taking and how much and just see how it goes.

I know it might not work as it doesn't for everyone but I just feel that at last someone is prepared to listen and hopefully help to treat me.

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  • Well! Well done you! You must have been very persuasive. But, remember what I said about 25 mcg. It's too low, even for a starting dose. Plus, in four weeks, you probably won't see much difference in blood tests, because it's too soon. It takes six weeks for the levo to be properly absorbed. But, I hope he holds fast to his promise of an increase. That's where you're going to see his true colours. :)

  • Indeed greygoose it will be interesting to see, as I said I'm not holding out a lot of hope with the Levo but he was prepared to take my own blood test results into consideration as he said the hospital hadn't even bothered to tell him my results from my visit there. He also added it was silly that they only every tested the TSH on the NHS and didn't look at free hormones unless the TSH was off.

  • Sounds promising, doesn't he! :)

  • Thank goodness he listened. You must be delighted. Let's hope this is the start of your road to recovery.

  • Oh, well done getting him on your side 😊 and getting a prescription, although as others have said it's a low dose to start, so hopefully he'll increase in 6 weeks.

    You might be planning to do this anyway, but I get BH/Medicheck test on same morning of NHS test so that I have FT3 as well - you can't be too prepared especially early on in treatment.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Just to follow on from that, I have my private tests done at the same time as my nhs ones; I have a vacutainer to send away then instead of a few drops and the private results are typically back before the nhs ones so give an early heads up.

    Munchlet are you elderly or suffering heart problems ? Otherwise 25mcg may actually make you feel worse as your body cries for more...

  • No Rapunzel I'm not, I do get palpitations but ECG was clear, he did say it was just starting dose as he wanted to see how I go and he's booked for me to go and see him in a month to discuss the dose and how I'm feeling.

  • Yes I like having the heads up too - feel a bit more in control than having results thrust upon you without time to think - especially first follow up when it's all very new and still have brain fog.

    Sadly, you have to approach this tactically 😒.

  • Sadly, you have to approach this tactically

    Is that so ? That was my first mistake with my Dr Tool, then :D seriously, Munchlet try to keep things sweet

  • Sweet and ahead of the game 😉. My GP marked my card for next time ..... atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis..... she said these days we like to keep doses low! My response was a sweet smile and I'd like to prevent that by being active and wont I need a dose that lets me do that?

  • Tactical but not hostile in case that wasn't clear 😊

  • Oh my goodness! That's an alarming admission from a GP!

    So that one myth about AT and osteoporosis informs the whole set-up of being so stingy with hormone!!!

    Oops.A lot of exclamation marks. That one sentence does feel like a piece in a puzzle to me.

  • Thankfully I'd read a bit about it on here first. That's what I mean about tactical - you really do have to be ready and ahead of things as once you're out of the surgery that opportunity to defend your dose is gone. And what a GP says..... unless you record it ....

    There was a time when I'd have thought that's nonsense, why would a GP not want you to be well and keep you on a lower dose. The sad ugly reality (for many, as I realise there are some better and some worse GPs) of hypo treatment as I'm finding out.

    Of course it's them guidelines that are the real problem - GPs just a symptom😣.

  • Good. Keep a diary in the meanwhile and remember to take your T4 in a manner likely to aid absorption. I really hope it works for you; this is a slow process and building up to an efficacious dose will take time and patience

  • as he is so helpful please ask him to also check




    vit d3

    too as they must be halfway in their ranges for your body to be able to utilise the levothyroxine

  • Be positive! Levo doesn't work for everyone , but it does for many including me. :)

    Sadly my GP's also old school, but his school says "Ooh no, we don't want to over-medicate you as the TSH is within range even though you've got Hashi's and the FT4 is a bit low". Lesson learned, different GP in 6 weeks' time!

  • How fortunate to have a decent GP you can talk to. From what others say it wd appear that 50mg is usual starting trial dose for Levo - but others will know more than me on this

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